“The greatest ideas are the simplest”

– William Golding

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I work with Experts, Professionals, Entrepreneurs and Leaders. I use ‘Strategic Simplicity’ to create 6 and 7-figure results. The focus is always ‘the simplest, most enjoyable and effective path’ to your desired outcome.

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“James has written what I believe to be one of the best books I’ve ever read on how a true expert can leverage their knowledge and skills for massive impact and huge financial reward.”

– Dr Nic Lucas – Founder – Massive Impact


“The work I did with James, changed my life profoundly and provided me with a platform that just keeps on giving. A must for Experts wishing to break through that ‘glass ceiling’ and fulfil their own potential.”

– Michela F. D’Addario – Spiritual Strategist


“James has an amazing talent for taking the complex and reducing it down to the simplest and most basic elements.”

– Mark Coudray – CEO – Catalyst Plan


“James will help you make your business simple and effective”

– Alex Changho – Business Coach


“This book is a classic that deserves a spot on every consultant or coach’s book shelf.”

– Nancy Marmolejo – Talent & Genius


“No get rich quick BS, no crazy tech wizardry, just a straightforward, proven roadmap to creating a business and life that works.”

– Barry Moore – Founder – Active Marketer

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Whilst online systems and strategies can leverage time, reach and profit, allowing you to fulfill your vision. Business online can also be a minefield of confusion, stress and overwhelm.

Strategic Simplicity allows you to access your true power, create rapid results and structure success, your way.

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Since 2009…Over 100 million dollars in results, have transformed my clients lives and futures. If you’re looking for answers you haven’t been able to find in Groups, Programs, Masterminds, Seminars or Events…

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