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Since 2009… James has been intimately involved in the expansion of 35+ Companies, leading them to 6 & 7-figure results.

Over 100 million dollars in results makes James a sought after Digital Strategist and Mentor, specialising in “Strategic Simplicity”, the ability to rapidly increase results via the simplification of key factors.James Klobasa

James’s Mentoring is for business owners committed to creating very strategic online results.

Aspects include:
✔ Launches ✔ Positioning ✔ Product Development ✔ List Building ✔ Strategic Alignment ✔ Automation and Systems ✔ Sales

Online since 1998, with a background in Direct Marketing and Copywriting since 2002, James’s knowledge extends to patents, licensing and branding. He is a published Author and Speaker.

Key values are trust and integrity, and his reputation and results proceed him. So when working with James you can trust that he cares about your success as much as you do.

Australia’s Premium 1:1 Mentor.

If you wish to connect, you can find James on Facebook & Instagram.

Kevin Nations talks about James…

“Success in life is defined much more by our actions than our conversations. The constant input of knowledge available in today’s market can be the source of a powerful flowing river or just a destructive overflowing pond or lake.

The question is, what outlet have we designed for all of the information we are seeking to acquire?

One of the most difficult lessons that I teach is that community in no way equals commonality. Within a community, despite incessant efforts to manage that community toward commonality, diversity inevitably emerges and grows. Even while remaining close, the longer one observes a community, the more the success of that community drifts further and further apart.

The business community, most notably the Expert community, that James addresses in his book is no exception. With the same access to information, the same tools at their fingertips, the same mentors available to them – many within the community will drift into obscurity. Others will find a happy place that feels comfortable and safe. Yet others will continue to rise to the top.

The challenge with this fact is that we are all still community. Just as community does not equal commonality, the growth of diversity does not erase the community. Even as success rates continue to diverge, the personal connections within our community grow closer than ever.

Which brings the unavoidable question. Why not choose to rise to the top?

The answers to that question would fill an entire library of books.

Yet in James’s book that you can download here, James Klobasa skillfully navigates our thinking from consumption to committed action. His commitment to demonstrating the skills he teaches and drawing them out from his own clients, have been poured into every page.

I challenge you not only to read every page, but to quickly and diligently put every step that resonates with you into action. And create that rise to the top of your own community that you feel you deserve.

Design and create the life you deserve – because you absolutely deserve exactly the life you’ve designed and created!”

Kevin Nations


We clarify your greatest assets and your desired result.


We map the simplest, most enjoyable path to that result.


We have fun developing only what’s required for the result.


We implement, refine and scale your desired results.


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