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Experts, Professionals, Leaders, Entrepreneurs...It's time you simplified everything.

Discover Your One Clear Path To Making More While Doing Less...!

My Clients Have Achieved Over $100M In Results, And None Of It Came About By Working Any Harder, Or Any Longer..!

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It Starts By Working Smarter... 

You Never Need To Hustle When You're Doing The Right Things!

What if all the Stress, Overwhelm, Frustration, Learning and Access Issues that stop you now, Evaporated... 

Imagine knowing EXACTLY WHAT TO DO and having the Support and Accountability to make sure you did just that...  

- Access to the real Support you've always wanted.

- Accountability that guarantees implementation.

- Weekly Private 1:1 Mentoring.

- A supportive Community.

- Custom Online Training.

- Your Own Copywriting Coach.

- Live Weekly Group Trainings.  

- And a Custom Plan built exactly for YOU.  

Imagine No. More. Hustle... Simply seeing your way forward.

"No get rich quick BS. no crazy tech wizardry, just a straightforward, proven roadmap to creating a business and life that works."

 - Barry Moore, Founder - Active Marketer 


"Today, you need to be the 'go-to' trusted, Expert Authority in your field or industry... This is a MUST for anyone serious about making a dent in the universe."

- Joe Williams, Founder - Master Your Message

Creating GREAT RESULTS FASTER, comes down to following a simple, proven plan and having the support and accountability to implement...  

Access that and watch your “Results Curve” experience its fastest growth ever...  

All it takes is choosing change...  




Before you even begin, you'll access a Private Onboarding Session. We'll walk you through an assessment designed to clarify the skills, assets and opportunities you have available for growth. 

Getting clear on your desired outcomes, lifestyle, and work routines we'll begin creating your One Clear Path fully aligned at your core, so you actually love the experience of building your business every single day. 

After your Private Session, where your custom plan is explained in full detail, including a complete action list and timeline, you'll begin implementation and we'll be there supporting you at every step...

Module 1 - Results, Results, Results

Clients come into programs wanting fast-results and that's exactly the focus in Module 1. Go from overwhelm, to action, to results as the excess is stripped away leaving a clear path for execution. 

You'll be given a guided tour of the Members Area and know exactly what resource you need when, including how to access the Community, the Copy-Coach, Private 1:1 Calls and more.  

Module 1 isn't about learning more, this is about YOU producing immediate momentum that turns into results...

Module 2 - Vision

Achieving your Big Vision takes deepening your commitment...

In Module 2, you'll discover the 'Kid Vision' exercise, leaving you with all the drive you need for powerhouse production.

Enthusiasm, excitement and energy will be 'on call' as you move forward, creating your own 'Perfect Day' outline.  

But to begin living it, you must also know what to remove to achieve your targets. In Module 2 you'll learn how to 'remove the ridiculous', leaving you with more time than you've ever had before...

Module 3 - Getting Paid

Nothing begins until the sale is made, but before that, you need to know your true value, not just a price to charge…but the bigger 'why' behind another's reason for buying and how to tap into that on demand.

You’ll discover how killer products are crafted, using a simple 3-Step product creation method, so you're never left underpaid, ever again.

After Module 3, your Customers will love and rave about everything you offer and you’ll never fear sales again. In fact, sales will become effortless, and sharing your unique value will be easier than ever before...

Module 4 - Magnetic Attraction

Just like it sounds, imagine having more of your ideal clients coming to you.

In Module 4, you'll understand what truly increases conversion and what makes a great website layout.  

You'll know how to craft your own magnetic character, learn my easy 21-52-104 content creation method and learn how to love the content creation process, no matter whether it's writing, audio or video.  

Conversion begins with Attraction and it's more than just fancy images…it’s a journey.

Module 5 - The 3 Million Dollar Frameworks

No need to rush ahead to this one, you’ll already have been given one in your very own, custom plan. Yet, knowing all 3 will give you an even deeper understanding… 

Anytime in the future, you’ll know what funnel to use, why and when.

Want Quick Sales, we have you covered.  

Want to Reach The Masses, we have you covered.  

Want to Automate for Freedom, we have you covered.  

I said I keep it simple, and it's with these 3 simple funnels that I've helped create over $100 million in results for my clients.

Module 6 - Your One Clear Path, Expansion

Here we reveal the puzzle, the pieces and the simple solution to over $100million in results and how you can create continual growth.

IStrategy is where everybody gets it wrong. And where YOU won't.  

By this stage, your new business will already be up and running, but after that, your Anti-Hustle Academy plan must continue on an upward trajectory.  

In Module 6, I go into depth about real long term strategy and scaling, how we're able to create ongoing success for clients, and the next steps you'll need to take.

The Anti-Hustle Academy will work for you...  

  • Even if you've already tried everything else and nothing's worked...
  • Even if you aren't clear on your direction or purpose...  
  • Even if you can barely focus right now...  
  • Even if you can't seem to get over that first hurdle, always taking you one step forward, then two steps back...

Especially if...  

  • You've just had the worst year in business...  
  • You've experienced more than your fair share of stress, frustration, challenge, anxiety, fear, limitation and you're ready to throw your arms in the air and quit...  
  • You're completely disgusted by all the high-ticket gurus, crappy programs, shifty consultants, dodgey coaches, and overated masterminds... 
  • You're ready to get the support and accountability you know you've needed for years, but have always denied yourself...

This Is Like Nothing You've Seen Before! 

Book Your Free On-Boarding Call Now!

 Imagine Business With More Clarity And Results Than You Ever Thought Possible! 

The "Anti-Hustle Academy" will give you that. 

I know this will be the best investment of your life.  

And the best part, the whole process is so easy you'll be in a state of complete confidence, right after our first discussion...  

Imagine for just a minute... 

  • > Living a stress-free lifestyle by your design…  
  • > Not being online 24/7, yet knowing exactly what to do… 
  • > Being happy knowing you’re building your business, your way… 
  • > Making the money you desire while working less than ever…  

Imagine, A Simpler Life, Where You Get Paid More, While Working Less...

Imagine Yourself Living Your Perfect Day Every Day

It sounds crazy, I know, but it really is possible. I want to emphasize again...

This isn't another marketing program you buy for more knowledge.

While you will have access to the marketing experience and all the mentoring you require, it's not about learning for the sake of it. 

It’s based upon following a set of proven principles...while having the support and accountability you need to implement.

This isn't a regular "coaching" program. I'm not going to spend time teaching you fluffy examples of un-proven options. I'm not hoping you'll get results "testing and trying stuff".

That's unrealistic and quite frankly...deceptive.

Fact is, I know I'm great at delivering results. And I've always known there's an effective way to help more people.

But I couldn’t figure out a way deliver those results that was quick, easy and without a large upfront investment...until now.

Here's The 'WHY' Behind All This...

Over the last 9 years, I've tried many ways to do more with what I know...  

But I’ve always come back to, running expensive private 1:1 mentoring. Where people from around the world would pay me between $50,000 and $200,000 dollars a year.

I taught many people and the results clients received were nothing short of amazing.  

In fact, as of the 1st of January 2019, my clients have enjoyed a 93.5% success rate.  

The only problem was...there were a lot of barriers to completing this on a larger scale.

Since 2009, I've been teaching Experts, Professionals, Leaders and Entrepreneurs to simplify their lives and earn more, while working less. But I'm not willing to sacifice results. 

I Hate The Thought of People Paying Upwards of $3000-$5000 a Month and Being Dumped into a Huge Group.

Only To Be Lost in the Crowd and Never Achieve the Awesome Results They Deserve.

It frustrates the hell out of me. That’s why I’ve always worked in a very intimate format - one to one.  

That's when I came up with the "Anti-Hustle Academy”.  

Here's everything... 

How it works is...  

On entry, your current business gets pulled apart. We look at your skills and the assets you have, and your desired outcomes. 

From there, you’re walked through your very own, VERY specific, set of strategic actions. Custom created to help you produce the result you desire, in the shortest amount of time possible.  

Think nothing more, nothing extra. 

It's NOT random, it’s NOT more learning, it’s NOT more doing.



Think of it as Premium 1:1 Mentoring… With the benefit of Community… Accountability… A Personalized Plan… Your Own Copy-Coach… And Focused Training to suit your specific situation.  

The Result = Zero guesswork.  

"You never have to hustle, if you’re doing the right thing…"

Imagine having all the answers, when you need them. Not having to wait until the next monthly call, event, or seminar.  

Imagine being able to talk to someone 1:1 when YOU need it. Imagine having the benefits of community when YOU need it. Imagine having a Copywriting Coach when YOU need it. Imagine being held accountable when YOU need it. Imagine having a plan that suits YOU. 

And imagine actually achieving results.  

Sounds refreshing doesn’t it.  

You get the benefit of...accessing exactly what you need, when you need it most.

So Mind-Numbingly Easy, You’ll Wonder Why You Didn’t Join Sooner.  


To begin... All you have to do is Book yourself a Free On-Boarding Call, and be personally guided by me, through our simple, yet very specific 3-Step Onboarding process...

Immediately, you’ll begin seeing how the hustle has been destroying your business and life. And immediately we’ll start creating a plan laying out your clear next steps.  

When you are challenged, I’ll be there to help you... When you experience growth, I’ll be there to congratulate you… 

In fact, I’ll be there to answer all your questions throughout your journey…

You'll never be left in the dark again...


The Answers You Need, When You Need Them, Nothing More.

You will access my highest quality and best performing, proven training that I’m personally using in my business and my Premium 1:1 Mentoring Clients businesses right now... and you don't have to spend $50,000 or more, for access.

You get access to over 9 years of success. And the experience of another 10 years of testing, learning and studying. Without all the cost and time wasted..!

Now you may be asking how much you would have to invest in an Academy like this...

I could easily charge more than $5000 each month. After all, not only am I giving you 100% access to my personal methods that I have developed over the last 19 years... 

I am also guiding you personally through those, holding your hand along the journey...

Look at it another way. If you were to hire a Mentor or Consultant or go to a week-long retreat to learn one new skill...  

First, they would take anywhere from $5000 to $12000 from you, whether you got results or not…  

Secondly, they would make you sit through a painfully long training or re-training process, teaching you even more ‘stuff’, not eliminating it...

Finally... If you did join there program, most of these guys don't even want to talk to you personally unless you give them another $15,000 or more…

Let's Remove All Your Frustration, Overwhelm And Confusion...

Here's the truth. This is my life’s work…. Up until now, I've only let a few friends and colleagues in on my research at the "Anti-Hustle Academy".  

They've experienced amazing results and they're now pushing forward in life, in ways I could’ve only dreamed of for them...  

But as I mentioned earlier… I want to make a huge difference and help as many Experts as I can.  

And I want you to experience the same success my Premium 1:1 Mentoring Clients have so far. 

I want you to experience the clarity, the happiness, and the full excitement of continual growth.  

So, now is the time to choose change...  


You've Invested Time To Be Here... And Because Of That, I'm Going To Give You The Full 3-Step Onboarding Process, Absolutely Free..!  

Simply Fill In The Form Below And Press Submit.  

On The Next Page You'll Be Able To Book Your On-Boarding Call At A Time That Suits You.  

On The Call, You'll Be Given An Exact Strategy To Implement Designed With All Your Information And Goals In Mind.  

Then, And Only If You Request It, Will You Be Given More Details About The Anti-Hustle Academy.  

If You Choose To Join Us, That's Fanastic... But There Is No Obligation To Become A Client.  

The Opportunity Here Is All Yours. 

Fill out my online form.


Bonus Resources You'll Access 

#1 Copy and Video 

Funnel Scripts, VSL (Video Sales Letter) Scripts, Email Scripts and Example Videos

#2 Templates

Website Layouts, Sales Page Layouts and Funnel Layouts.

#3 The Six Figure Survey

Copy, paste this process when you have a spare weekend and you’d like to get paid. Perfect for high-priced promotions, this is a rinse and repeat script that's proven.

#4 Launch Video Structure

The exact scripting template I’ve used on 21 successful launches. It walks you through exactly what to say and when, so you’ll never be lost for words when writing your next script.

#5 Sales Call Script

The exact script responsible for my clients selling over $60 million of products and services.

But don’t get overwhelmed here...

You’ll have access to exactly what you need, nothing more, nothing less. Exactly what’s required for you to execute your specific plan in every detail.


Are You Ready To Join The Anti-Hustle Academy ...And Experience Results Like Never Before ?

Who am I..?

I'm James Klobasa, a fulltime professional Mentor.  

Since 2009, within my company Platinum PLM Pty Ltd, I've mentored, advised, managed and consulted business owners to well over $100,000,000 in online results. Yes, over $100 Million.  

I've worked with dozens of Experts, Professionals, Entrepreneurs and Leaders. I help them earn more income and reduce work hours down to bare minimums…  

I’m known as the guy to come to when you want simple results.

In the past, I’ve worked with just a handful of people at a time. Writing my book, ‘The Experts Handbook’ lead me to realize, that there are just a few key factors holding back 99% of online business owners...  

While everyone craves being in the 1%... I've proven you don’t need to be in the 1% to be wildly successful.

In fact, I’ve proven it, over and over again, taking people from zero to six and seven figures in just months, without working day and night.  

I now know it’s the 99% that have the best chance of achieving success, and I plan to help as many as I can.


The Unfortunate Bad News...

As mentioned… In the past, I’ve only ever worked with a small handful of clients at any one time. 

And in going out to a greater audience, I want to make sure everyone gets the results they’re looking for. 

So I MUST Limit Monthly Intake Numbers...

Like I said, I love working with Clients and I love getting them BIG results. But I must do this to gaurantee my clients get the best service possible...

This IS NOT a 'cookie-cutter' program.  

So, you have a very important decision to make right now.  


Book Your Call Now.

…or go on experiencing more of the same.

Don’t wait…  

In just weeks, you could be enjoying your life with your family, away from the computer knowing you have it all handled, that you have the plan, the clarity and the deal with any business challenge ahead, while experiencing even greater results. 

It's your choice. 

Which one will it be?  

Click on the button below to begin your onboarding process...  

And Remember… 

You never have to hustle, if you do the right work..!

All the best…  



How Long Does The Academy Go For… When you join, you’ll have access to all the Coaching, Hot-Seats, Live Training and Copy-Coach for One Full Year. You keep access to the online portion of the training for life. If you'd like to continue with the HotSeats, Copy-Coach and Private Training after your 12 months is complete, you'll be able to renew at your existing rate.  

What Happens If I Miss One Of The Coaching Calls… Everything will be recorded and added to the Members area or Private Group. You’ll be able to access this anytime via your computer or mobile device.  

What If I Don’t Have An Online Business Yet… This probably isn’t the right product for you. You’re best off purchasing my book, “The Experts Handbook” to get started. It’s filled with everything you need to get you going.

What Software Will I Need… Depending on what strategy you need to implement, you may need to purchase additional software. We will advise you of what’s required for each strategy once inside. BUT, If you’re already online, chances are you already have what you need, so don't be concerned.

Can I Cancel Before The Year Is Up… This is a 12-month program and you'lI be expected to complete all payments. If you do cancel payments, you will be removed from the Members Area, all coaching and extra access. If you must say goodbye, we wish you well.

Will You Be Writing My Copy For Me… No, but we will be giving you examples for every strategy that you can edit, send to the Copy-Coach for review and simply implement. It’s best you write your own copy, yet, we’ll be supporting your efforts at every step.  

Will I Be Able To Talk To You Privately… Yes, for the first 3 weeks of each month, there will be Group Calls and ‘Office Hours’ talk times available in the form of Hot-Seats. You simply apply for a hot-seat, fill in a short questionnaire and book a time that suits you.

Sounds Like A Lot James, Wasn't This Meant To Be Less Work… After the initial on-boarding sequence, you’ll be given your one clear path to execute. We do expect you to execute your strategy as quickly as possible. You will be held accountable, so you get results in the shortest period of time possible.

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