Fancy Websites Don’t Work

Although many of today’s websites have lots of bells and whistles, the truth is that your website only needs a few key components to be truly effective.

Here’s How You Never Have To Sell Again

Imagine never having to sell again... I hear a lot of people screaming "Yes Please".

Not Doing This Will Cost YOU…

There are key actions to implement when starting any new business or launching any new product.

How To Find Your Genius

Just like back in my Panel-beating days, you too, have many choices that you need to make, but finding your Genius allows you to drop all the choices and focus.

Amplifying Your Perfect Day Results Fast

What does it really take...? We've all done the exercise, but were they just words on the page OR.

What Produces BIG Results

Your focus determines your results, but what are you focused on.

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What Can ‘Expert’ Mean To You

Here I discuss what an 'Expert' really is and what it can mean to you.

Is Your Thinking De-Valuing Your Expertise…?

When you take a picture with the camera out of focus, the image looks blurry, the result isn't as we first saw it through our own eyes, or what we imagined.

The Intensity of Growth

It's a choice to earn $5,000/mth.