The Intensity of Growth

It's a choice to earn $5,000/mth.

Sometimes, You Gotta Get REAL

For years I fucking struggled online... No one knows this, but one year, I worked 6-7 days/wk, probably 15hrs a day or more for the full year and only made $27.

OH SHIT: This is a BIGGY… Opportunity

noun: plural noun: opportunities - a set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something.

Predicting The Future

[Future Planning] What will 2016 be like for you...? Personally, I've begun mapping exactly what my next 3-5yrs will look and feel like, I'm getting in early this year as I wanted to be totally clear on it and have it line up with my actions.

Process Equals Results…

[Experts Insight] What you need to understand... THIS IS IMPORTANT.

Choose And Go

[Insight/Rant - This may be longer than normal but had to be said] The greatest failure I see as someone that talks to business owners across the globe on a weekly basis is.

I Work Only Minutes A Day… Now

I’ve been thinking A LOT about WORK lately… Why…? Well… I’m challenged by it.

The 3 Keys that move mountains…

Expert vs Amateur 1. Value Content - The fact is that 95% (the amateurs) have never actioned the content they put out into the market.

[Exercise] Want to take Friday’s off…? Forever…?

When I was 22, I worked with my Dad (yeah, he got me the job, but I ended up taking his position ;) ).

I got LUCKY..!

Are you making choices that allow you to be LUCKY...or are you making choices that take you away from luck.