Here’s How To Win The Game…Completely.


You don’t have a FB ads problem…

You don’t have a product problem…

You don’t have a funnel problem…

You don’t even have a Sales problem…

BUT…you do have a BIG problem. I’ll get to exactly what that is but first. I want to say, this isn’t my opinion, this is truth, you can do the research later, I already have.

But why read on…?

This is worth a read only if you’re trying to produce better results, results that help clients, pay for goodies you like, and the resources you need, results that meet other people’s need’s, that may be your families or the families of your clients….or…if you like to move mountains, ie: have others do as you say, Gandhi like…and finally, be a good person and leave something behind, worth leaving…

So…yeah, kind of important, but not for everyone. 

Certainly not for those that have given up on chasing their dreams, happy to sit in armchairs watching TV and eating Cheeto’s all night…if that’s you, nah, hit delete now, this’ll go over your head.

Looking back, studying all the most successful “result producers” over time…you can see a common thread to everything. The weird part about this thread is that it’s often overlooked.

I mean “really” overlooked.

Guru’s, Mentors and Coaches often talk about Sales processes, product creation and sequencing, amongst a range of other pieces of the puzzle but rarely does the fabric that holds everything together get much of a look in…

Here’s a question…

What is the common thread in business…?

What is the one thing, that if left out, would have all the rest mean absolutely nothing…?

I mean like, if you didn’t have this one thing, no results would be produced at all..!


No, it’s not the sales process…

And no, it’s not the product…

And no, it’s definitely not FB ads…

What’s the one thing that binds everything together…?

It’s not even the idea.

Because without this…an idea just sits on the shelf.

No, not action, doing the work or energy…don’t go all ‘woo woo’ on me.

It’s the MESSAGE.

After researching the people that have truly moved the needle in our world, everything they’ve done always falls back on the Message.

You can say it’s the Vision…but vision alone is a nice day-dream.

You could say it’s the product…but product alone is a dust collector.

You could say it’s the team, the brand, the offer or the packaging  that made it a world beater…

But that’s all just fancy wrapping.

Without the Message…and the Messenger, no product or service would work.

Think about that for a second…

And then think about your own messaging and think about YOU as the messenger.

Does your message communicate results..?

Does your message act as a supply of tools and resources..?

Does your message meet the needs of others..?

Does your message do your work for you..?

Does it satisfy the listeners..?

If it truly does all of this… You have the chance of becoming a global force. 

A true iconic leader.

But if you miss any of these…you must go back to the drawing board…


You must continue communicating your message until you see results in each of those areas….

I didn’t say winning would be easy.

But do the research, study the greats…they have all achieved this.

Personally, I know a of only a couple that have all the boxes checked and they’re on their way.

And it’s no mean feat.

I’m certainly not even close…although I have had the pleasure of helping create, what I believe is 1 such message amongst the 62+ “business” success stories I’ve experienced. Whether that gets to iconic status, we’ll know over time…

Note for Clarity: I’m talking about true iconic brands or movements here…not just ‘businesses’. 

A business is easy to create, it’s a product with an average message and average earnings, built upon modelled processes and systems, often led by the tired… 

Easy to create, easy to sustain…and can take minimal time to maintain.

But going beyond…

If you want to go above that, like really above that, it’s going to take a real shift, a real message…and the conviction to make it one that  serves beyond your petty desires.

Ponder this…

What message would you be willing to die for, and was so compelling that others would take on as their own and do the same…?

When you have that message…you’ll be ready to become an icon.

James Klobasa



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