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"The first time, we hit six figures in less than 24 hours. I’ve used his system over and over to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars. What really matters is that he knows what he’s doing and it converts.
Love it, love his work!"  J. Brown - REIM

“No get rich quick BS, no crazy tech wizardry, just a straightforward, proven roadmap to creating a business and life that works.” Barry Moore - Active Marketer

 "One strategy I learned doubled my income in less than 30 days. James is a brilliant marketer who cuts through the chaff. He's the real deal."  J. Desmarais

"There are a so many miserable people “hustling” their way to millions of dollars a year and early graves. This is your chance to leave the hustle and enjoy the things you started the hustle for in the first place.”
Brandon Fredrickson -  Mentor

“The work I did with James, changed my life profoundly and provided me with a platform that just keeps on giving. A must for Experts wishing to break through that ‘glass ceiling’ and fulfil their own potential, whilst assisting others to do the same.” – M. F. D’Addario - Coach

“James will help you make your business simple and effective.” Alex Changho – Business Coach

James has helped me refocus my efforts to be even more productive and find more fulfilment doing business as I choose. My satisfaction levels have gone way up and my stress levels at a new low." 
Matthew J Peters - Film Director 

 “Results Matter. That’s the easiest and most direct way I can put it. James has an amazing talent for taking the complex and reducing it down to the simplest and most basic elements.” Mark Coudray – CEO

"you never need to hustle when you're doing the right thing..!"