“Not “online training or coaching” in the common sense…another program’s not needed, all knowledge is Google-able these days.”

It’s with this in mind that I focus on multiplying results without fuss, and more often than not, clients and I are having conversations that revolve around issues of ‘moving forward’.

It’s the blockages that get tackled within this style of Mentoring.

Not to say clients don’t ‘learn’. We have a whole platform available, but it’s used, as required, not ‘as the requirement‘.

And when required, they’re pointed directly to a resource, be it on Masterminds, running Events, Launches, Sales, Automation…or something bigger picture like setting a Vision, Branding or a specific Strategy.

It’s all there…but learning is not the curriculum.

It makes people nimbler, they move faster, rather than being bogged down.

The REAL issues, the mindsets and beliefs that hold us back, they’re the deeper, more common, and I would have to say, the more powerful, and productive discussions we have daily.

It’s not unusual that, even long term, highly successful clients, clients that may already be doing 7-figures reach out to me late at night, or early in the morning with a pressing question.

Yes, clients all have full access. Through email, privately 1-to-1, in group formats and by other means. Clients constantly say… “no one else does it at this level…”

Melting down, in the middle of a crisis, clients need a second opinion or fresh perspective.

Connection is key to progress. The right answer, at the right time.

In crisis, being told to learn halts progress.

BUT… The right question, or an insightful perspective can deliver the one thing needed to accelerate progress, and multiply results.

Execution drives results.

So we chase the one thing that accelerates execution.

We believe that in an age where information is free and plentiful, the true advantage over a competitor, market or industry, is time.

Specifically, less lost time.

Not being bogged down in learning, or ineffective doing, is critical.

Not being held up searching for answers or support is also critical.

Chaos ensues and time is lost when people are left to their own devices, bad habits, unproductive mental chatter and wayward actions.

So we work hard to stay ‘between the lines’ or as we call it, keep clients on their ‘One Clear Path’.

Having ‘One Clear Path’ to focus on eradicates the wavering, the doubt, the fear.

And when our clients clearly see what needs to be done to produce, they go to work methodically…and they enjoy it.

And that makes everything we do, worthwhile…

If you see the sense in this view, we’d love to help find the One Clear Path that’ll mean multiplied results for you.

We want our clients to…

– Own their space in their industry
– Implement right actions, producing right results
– Enjoy the life this creates

We promise to…

– Only Mentor/Advise from proven experience
– Be available in the way that suits our clients best
– Lead with Integrity in our market

I look forward to meeting…

James Klobasa

You can learn more here: www.JamesKlobasa.com/GoPremium