When you have clarity, everything is simple.


James Klobasa helps people, just like you, simplify their path to achieving…

James guides his clients in creating balance, freedom, fulfilment and success in all areas of life – happiness, health, wealth and wisdom.

Through his strategic guidance, his clients make more while doing less in the digital economy.

For James, it’s about turning dreams into simple actions that become reality.

My Story

After spending 10 years traveling the world as a professional athlete, it was time to get serious, settling into a “proper” career. This was in early 2002.

Being an expert in the sporting arena was completely different to the business world.

After exploring dozens of new ideas with no real results, it was back to the drawing board. The worst part was not knowing. It was the excitement of what looked like the answer, only to experience unexpected, frustrating results.

The only path was back to the drawing board to double down on what would be necessary to become a paid expert in a new arena of life.

This turned into a quest to master copywriting, direct response marketing, product launch management, business strategy, and positioning.  All this was built on a solid foundation of mindset work.

All this took much longer than planned. In fact, 2008 was a terrible year. It was 2009 before the results started flowing.

Six-figure and quickly 7-figure product launches began to freely flow. Million-dollar and multi-million dollar business builds, mentoring, and consulting evolved from the expertise learned from multiple product launches. The hard work and persistence had paid off.

In the early years of 2009-2013, the work was done deep in the trenches, 1:1 with experts in their own fields. It was clear my role was to impact the world by empowering these experts to reach their full impact in their world. There is enormous satisfaction in being the trusted guide behind the experts’ results.

Sadly, so many entrepreneurs become stuck along the way. This is a tragic waste of potential. They come online and ‘step backwards.’ They think they need to learn everything from scratch.  It makes more sense to align with a proven expert that’s already been down this road many times. The result of expert high-level guidance is the rapid acceleration and amplification of results.

Experts in any area are exceptional performers. They’re smart and insightful. They find value and meaning beyond the majority in their space.

They are all capable of “figuring it out” on their own. Yet the reality is, this takes more time and money than imagined. Often the window of opportunity is missed before all the pieces come together.

The solution is simple. Stop trying to discover everything on your own.

Stay in your genius zone and access an expert that’s traveled this road dozens of times.

Simplification comes from complete, expert knowledge.

High-level, strategic moves allow clients to focus on their mastery whilst providing the results they desire. It’s not about doing more. It’s about knowing exactly ‘what’ to do and ‘when’.

Dozens of multiple 7-figure businesses have been quickly created from scratch for the experts that recognize the value of time saved to reach their success. Focusing on what really matters simplifies everything resulting in an amazing business while creating amazing lifestyles and massive impact across the world.

Give yourself permission to get the help you need from someone proven, with established results. Ask ANY of the experts who’ve experienced this journey what it feels like to leave the studying, struggle, and frustration behind.

Step in and become world class.

What my clients say...

"From zero to $150K+/mth in 7.5mths, then $220K+/mth inside the first year - Life changing!"  

Joe Giglietti - Multiply Inc.

What my clients say...

"From losing $5k/mth when we first talked, we hit $6M+ in 24mths.
Is there anything else I need to say..."


What my clients say...

"3 x Six-figure moves this year transformed my business financially and 
doubled my income."  

Matt Jones - Ultimate Property Hub

What my clients say...

"James Klobasa made me money. We hit six figures in less than 24 hours. What really matters is that he knows what he’s doing. And it converts. Love it, love his work!"  

Jennie Brown - REIM

What my clients say...

"You’ll love him and you’ll hate him, but he will produce results if you stick with it.

At first, you’ll disagree with what he says so you won’t implement (it seems too simple to work because you’ve been busting your arse to get pennies for years). This will go on, and your results will stay the same, and you’ll be butting heads.

Then, you’ll disagree with him but you will implement what he says because why not, it’s not like its working at the moment anyway. Then, the first win happens… then the next… then the next…

A part of you still doesn’t want to believe, but then the pieces keep falling into place, easier and easier, win after win. All of a sudden the things James has been saying for months start to make sense and you wonder why you couldn’t hear him before.

Then you believe what he says and implement it, and that is when the magic happens, record breaking month after record breaking month, more simplicity, more lifestyle, less hustle. Listen to the man and execute!

Tim Johnsson - BreedElite

What my clients say...

"James's guidance in business financial gain has simply been amazing. Simplified strategies that make focus so much clearer, for business now and planning for the future.  

Time frames to achieve targets are so much shorter meaning productivity has grown immensely. I can't recommend James highly enough for what he has brought to my business."

Hamish McMichael - Thrive 45

What my clients say...

"If you're an expert in your field, but have struggled to gain any real attraction online, its probably because you're focusing on all the wrong things.

James lays out the perfect, easy to follow, strategy for not only building a successful online business, but also creating the lifestyle you want. Follow the plan you can't help but transform your business.

No get rich quick BS, no crazy tech wizardry, just a straightforward, proven roadmap to creating a business and life that works."

Barry Moore - Active Marketer

What my clients say...

"A close friend asked me the “secret” to my skyrocketing success over the last 2 years.

My answer came swiftly - 'Everything changed for me when I hired James'.

I knew the best in the world all have great coaches and that MIGHT be the thing holding me back.

I looked for a coach with two Main criteria.  
1- He had to have done what I was trying to achieve ($100k/month income)
2 - He had to have helped others achieve the same (Not all who do it can coach it).

James met both criteria.  Within 5 months of working with him, I moved from a townhouse to my first mansion and had hit $1.2M in earnings. I hit $2.4M in earnings inside the first 12 months.

The original mansion gave way to one worth double and I finally have the lifestyle and income I always dreamed about.

James proved to me that I was the one in my own way.  My life and business results are more powerful, impactful, and manageable as a result of his voice in my life.

Do it the simple way - James will show you how." 

Joseph Arron - Event REI

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