Land-Property Sellers:
Struggling to find committed Investors ready to buy from you, Investors that actually have the funds to follow through..?

Read on…
Most Ad men/women will shout, “You need more leads, you just need more leads” WRONG! …and that’s what I’ve told my Clients..

It’s quite the opposite, you need LESS leads, BUT you do need more Investors with cash ready to buy.

The ad-men/women will spend your hard earned dollars on ads bringing more ‘Looky-Lou’s’ into your world. BUT…hundreds of un-answered calls later, you’ll give up frustrated, still hungry to sell that property..!

But what if there was another way…

What if instead of hundreds of leads amounting to no sales…you could attract just a handful of cashed-up buyers ready to take advantage of each and every opportunity you presented.?

What if you had hundreds of these eager clients ‘ready to buy’ and instead of begging them to buy, you simply ‘invited’ them to wrestle one another for the chance at investing with you.

Almost sounds too good to be true..!

Unless you know the numbers behind my latest clients success.

*Bob (name changed for privacy, and because Australia’s a small island in the property game) came to me with an ad spend of over $50,000…and less than 100 buyers on the books.

Inside 2 months and $5K in ad-spend later, they’ve been able to grow their investor base to over 300 eager buyers, ready to commit.

The problem for them now is ‘more land’, rather than more leads.

*It didn’t happen ‘just’ because of better ads, there’s actually a whole backend system that’s been implemented…and just 2 weeks after switching it on… BOOM..!

The Investors are now lining up to buy.

No, it’s not magic…

It’s the opposite.It’s completely Strategic.

And if you’d like to discuss how it may work for you… You can contact me by commenting below.

Note: This is high-level, very strategic and only suits sellers earning over $15K/deal.

But if that’s you, let’s talk, I know I can present you with a LOT of committed buyers in 2020.

James Klobasa
The Experts Mentor

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