It’s a growing concern of Online business owners these days…?

Are there any good Product Launch Managers in Australia…the quick answer could be ‘Yes’, but what really makes a good one.

Is it the website he has…? Is it the Twitter following…? Or the Facebook site he runs…?

Or, is it the Specialized Knowledge & Master-Mind Team he has at his beck and call 24/7…

My guess is you already know the answer…

I jumped off the phone this morning from one of our many Master-Mind calls…

Yes, these go on almost daily between the 45 members of our group, we’re always in touch and swapping the latest results, ideas, tactics and systems…most of these are highly guarded and only see the light of day within the launches we run…

So there I was, looking through some notes when an email came through…

It brought me to the attention of the shortage of Australian Product Launch Managers…

Well, I’m one…but I didn’t really see Australia as my target…but with the huge number of Aussie’s online line these days, I realized that there are a lot of people I can help, right here on Australian shores.

So I wanted to put forward these questions to you if you are considering your next product launch…

Can you manage your own launch?

Do you have the time?

Do you have the experience?

Do you have the expertise?

Do you have the connections?

Would you hire yourself to do your own product launch?

If the answer to these questions is YES, you found the right product launch manager – yourself.


If not, and you meet this type of criteria you should seriously consider hiring a product launch manager.

  • A ready to sell product (helpful if something like it has been successful in the past)
  • You trusted and liked by your customer base
  • Provide high margin, high ticket products/services (information products are ideal)
  • Have a large responsive list of customers and prospects
  • Enjoy relationships with companies who will promote for you


What if you don’t meet that level of criteria yet..? Or you don’t have the resources to get the help of a dedicated product launch manager.

Then consider finding a product launch consultant who you can guide you.

You still control the reigns, find the people to build out your team, and are responsible for all the nuts & bolts of the launch – but when you get stuck you can contact a seasoned pro who can point you in a new direction, who can give you perspective, who can suggest resources, who can make all the difference in the success of your launch.

All valid questions to ask yourself…remember, there are NOW Australian Product Launch Managers available…trained under Jeff Walker’s proven system…

It’s up to you now…take a step forward and make contact.

If you I resonate…We Can Set Up A Time To Chat Here.