Overwhelm, micro-managing and allowing others to rule the roost can spell disaster…
(that’s a little over-dramatized, but I think you get it)
We had some hurdles to jump today… And it was fun.
The hurdles jumped aren’t rights or wrongs, simply learning’s that we all experience
(me included)…and for most of us, multiple times at the different levels we reach.
The discussions ranged from advertising to outsourcing today, but let’s talk about a
common one so you get what I mean…
“The slow website build”.
Happens all the time right.
I can hear you…’I just can’t seem to get it right..’
This common problem comes from a lack of height.
What do I mean by height…?
Well…as tasks are laid out in front of us, whether they be complex or simply
time-consuming, overwhelm is often quick to kick-in.
Overwhelm is caused by micro-managing, or taking the small view. When we take
this view, we often allow others to rule the roost also. They begin making decisions
for us, and from there, the momentum is all headed the wrong way…
If you feel this… Move to higher ground.
Take a look from 30,000ft…
Sit on top of the mountain. See the whole battle.
In this instance…
At ground level, there are multiple pieces to complete…copy to write, images to find,
tech to connect, videos to shoot, design, theme’s, fonts, plugins, etc, etc…
From there you begin asking questions like…
How long will it take me to write the copy…?
How long will it take to find the images…?
What plugins are the best one’s and what do I need…?
Is the video player good enough…?
And the list goes on forever…
Arrrgh…. To much.
Hence the overwhelm, the frustration…the handing on of responsibilities to friends,
family, and ultimately, the slow progress crushes us.
But in stepping back and taking the higher view, you allow yourself to see the full
picture, which in turn allows you to ask better questions…
We need a website built…
“What would the best in the world do, with the resources we have to get this
project completed on time…?”
For me, simply asking this question answers, and overcomes the whole looming disaster.
Hire an Expert. Discuss the details. Allow him to do what he does best. Hold him
accountable to the standard, the time frame and the budget.
Now, I can hear you saying… “Yeah, that’s easy to say, but I’ve tried that…!”
Don’t get me wrong, I know websites can have their challenges and they can drag
on, I’ve had dozens built, literally hundreds of pages…
I’ve tried the amateurs way, and I’ve tried the Experts way.
With the mountain top view, you’ll be able to see the benefits. You’ll know who to
contact. The way becomes clear.
And that’s what we did today…
We sat on the mountain and looked at all our hurdles, we took the high view.
We saw the battle for what it was.
And we choose our plan of attack from there.
Remember… As an amateur, the momentum is always pushing against you…
The Experts Way, momentum flows with you pushing you forward…
Sleep on that. 🙂
James Klobasa
The Experts Mentor