When I was 22, I worked with my Dad (yeah, he got me the job, but I ended
up taking his position 😉 )…

The whole time I was there, my dream was to simply work 3 days a week…

I knew I’d have to change up what I was doing, but I also knew I’d have to be
WAY MORE effective to be able to pull it off…

So the hunt became – “How do you become more effective James…?”

So effective that you only have to work 3 days a week…?

This clearly means delivering more value, in less time. So I decided Friday’s
had to go.

NOTE:- Do this every 3 months… And Start Right Now!

(The exercise below is an excerpt taken from The Experts Handbook)


The Exercise: I want you to pick 4 straight days, best to make these work days, maybe
add in one non-work day if you think it would help.

Now, from the time you wake up until the time you go to bed, record everything you do
in 15 minute increments…

Grab a note-book, a pen and carry them with you everywhere, all day long.

If you’re at the gym for 45 minutes, write down what you did, and what you were thinking
about…how you felt. If you were sun-baking in your backyard, write down what book you
were reading or if you were asleep…or dreaming about your next holiday.

If you were working, write down if you were ‘actually’ working and what you were doing,
or if you were on Facebook watching silly cat videos…

Keep an exact record of what you were doing, be it work, play, admin, or other and
also keep a record of your thoughts and your feelings at the time.

You MUST do this for a full 4 days… This gives you the perfect understanding of everything
you’re doing, and if you record your feelings and actions diligently, you’ll have learned
more than reading any book would have taught you in the same time.


Now for the piece that will amplify your effectiveness and allow you to take Friday’s off forever…

Review the notes you’ve taken and look for…

– things that put you in your flow state, items that gave you joy, or where time slowed down,
the effortless… (mark in Blue)

– items that had you feel heavy, that were just plain hard work, items only you can do but slowed
you down… (Mark in Orange)

– tasks you know someone else could do better… (Mark in Green)

– All the time you’re wasting… (Mark in Red)


Okay…now that that’s done. Get out your Calendar. Use just one week for now.

All the items in RED, add those to Friday… Just go ahead and do it. Add them to the Calendar,
fill the whole day with them first up…

Next, the ORANGE… Add all of these items to the start of your day. Let’s say you work
between 10am and 1pm (like me 🙂 ). Add all of the ORANGE items it so it’s the first thing
you do each day…say between 10am and 11am…

Pick three days to do all of these items and leave one day clear…Say Monday, Tuesday,
& Wednesday. These are the first items you’ll complete on those days.

Now GREEN, Mark all of these items in directly after the ORANGE…fill the next hour or
two with those items. The task will be to slowly outsource these items until this hour
becomes free time. Again, only on Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday.

Then the BLUE… Do ONLY these activities on the last clear Day, Thursday’s in this case.
So fill your day with the BLUE activities. Also allow 30 minutes to 1-hour each day for
BLUE activities.

One more thing… Go back to your Friday, look at all of the tasks you’ve added there and
make a conscious decision on if you’d like to spend any time on any of the tasks listed
on your Friday…

If you find something, move it to Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.

Otherwise, delete everything…

And there you have it, you’re Friday is now FREE.

Go surfing, or climb a mountain, take your lover/partner away for a long weekend each week,
relax and enjoy it… 🙂

BUT… Now the hard part… Stick to this routine for 90 days… And then go back and do the
4 day, 15 minute exercise again…

You will be astounded at the results this will bring in your world over the course of a year.

I’ve been doing this since 2009 and it still amazes me every-time I do it, how much time I
waste in a week. And heck, I barely work as it is, but there’s always room for improvement.

And send me a ‘hello’ from your Friday Free-Day location… 🙂

Life wasn’t meant to be hard…it was meant to be enjoyed.


James Klobasa
Premium 1:1 Mentor

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