So how do you come back from earning ONLY $27 in a year.

Friends gone, girl gone, no business, no plan, no contacts, no health,
no direction… I threw my hands in the air and decided to burn
everything to the ground…

No one knows this either… But I spent three weeks literally trying to drink
myself to death…

No, this isn’t a sob story, I want to let you know exactly what I did to
comeback from the brink…

The drinking didn’t work, although I gave it a good shot, I failed at that
too, so here’s what I did next…

To be honest, I had a lot of other things I needed to spend money on…like
food, or the mortgage, or anything else really… I was down to my last
few weeks of money…
But investing in myself (via Hamish McMichael) saved my fucking life…
LITERALLY. I knew that if I could get ME right, then everything else will
3 to 5 times a week, now 6, I still train with Hamish to this day… Best move
EVER. Love this guy…!

2. I INVESTED IN A COACH. (An Anthony Robbins Coach)
I remember explaining everything to her, the crash of relationships, the lack
of funds, the hate, the anger, the bitterness…
And she replied with what now is the most profound thing anyone has ever
said to me…
“James, it’s beautiful that it’s all flown to pieces…because now you can put
it ALL back together the way you REALLY want…!”
I was furious for about 2 weeks after she told me that, until it clicked.

There are many versions of this exercise floating around and I highly advise
doing it. One piece of advise, be careful what you write down, it does
come true.
I’ve had my clients do this over and over and I always get reports back 3-6mths
later of the changes. It’s amazing… And it’s so important that I added a chapter
with my original ‘perfect day’ to my new book, The Experts Handbook.
Knowing how you want your life to be in every detail is the start to living it.

So many people advise to learn copy-writing, yet so few do the work.
DO THE FUCKING WORK. You will get paid more. If I lost everything again today,
this is the one skill that I would immediately act on. I wrote and I wrote and I
wrote those first few months…and now years later, it’s still the thing that I
get paid for every-time.
I’m no super-star at this, I simply practice it often. It’s led to literally millions
of dollars for my clients over the past 8 years…

I doubled-down on myself and invested again in new networks, new minds to
be around.
New conversations, new ways of looking at the world, new positive vibes…all
of these allowed me to expand and grow in ways I never knew existed, which
multiplied my income by tens of thousands of dollars.
Not by working for them, or selling to them, but simply by being around them
and changing my ‘self’, my ‘being’, my ‘attitude’. Do it, invest in being around
great people, not to get something, but to be able to give something more
than you thought you could.

Plain and simple… I got up every single day, checked my accounts and got
to work. Some people have this naturally built in…
I had a natural drive to work, but that always meant ‘working physically’.
The change of mind it took to shift that to working mentally and focusing that
on being paid is something totally different. And it needs to be practiced.
Some have it, some don’t, but I think you can train yourself for it. Heck, I did.

I literally changed everything…If I didn’t get a result I liked, I didn’t do it again.
If it worked, I did. I kept life simple. I deleted everything ‘over and above’
what worked for me.
To this day, I continue to do this…And it’s this one aspect that has me earning
more than ever and working less than ever. I wish I’d learned this in school,
over people telling me I had to do x,y&z things that equated to zero in terms
of results.
Question everything… Ask why… Test it and delete it if it doesn’t work for you.

I began getting serious online in 2002…and struggled until 2007. That was my
last bad year, by choice.

From there, I’ve gone on to make millions with my clients.

It’s possible, but it ain’t easy.

It is simple. But only YOU make it that way.

So here are my 7 tips on making millions and living the life of your dreams…

Invest in your best health early…before you can afford it.
Invest in the best mentors early…before you can afford it.
Write-out the way you want life, in every detail, then just begin.
Learn copy-writing and practice it.
Invest in being around new people…before you can afford it.
Practice the hustle everyday and track every cent.
Do what brings you results, forget the rest.

Hope you enjoyed…

And maybe tomorrow I’ll write about abundance and how I actually got some of the cool results… 🙂
James Klobasa
The Experts Mentor