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Are You Done Yet..?
Done buying programs, courses, widgets, producing endless content, spending on ads and searching for some that miracle breakthrough?  

Discover Why The ‘KAA Method’ Is So Successful…

...Standing on stage with Russell, grin from ear to ear, knowing his newsfeed was about to blow up with friends, family and colleagues congratulating him… Joe knew his life had changed forever!

Would you like to be Joe…?

Knowing you’d built a business in the last 12 months that everyone wants and applauds, a business expanding so quickly, it’s left your head spinning?

Your Dream business, your dream clients, without the hustling, without the stress…filled with FREEDOM and FUN?

If you’ve imagined yourself there… Having let go of all the confusion, struggle and 'info-gathering'. Read on…

Building a ‘2-Comma Club’ Business Is Easy…IF You Know The Best Kept Secret In Marketing.

Maybe you’ve found advertising’s getting tougher. Maybe the grind of testing feels like funding the rich. Numbers constantly dropping. Your monthly income not growing in months or even years...

Does being ‘one funnel away’ feel more like a hundred funnels to nowhere. Maybe it’s been a while since you enjoyed a big win or a big month.

Or, maybe you're in the happy minority and not going backwards, BUT still not where you want to be.

You know you can’t boast without that ‘2-Comma Award’ in the background of your videos.

Perhaps you’re fed up with the guru’s that promise the world but fail to answer the simplest of questions after racking your card.

You see, Success...and building a real business that you’re proud of takes implementing, staying the course and being able to control yourself in all the chaos.

Whether this is your first year online, or you’ve been at it for years…

You must draw the line in the sand and GET OFF the rolla-coaster, it's time for you to STAND ON THE STAGE!

Your Competition Are Using These Methods To Grow, Attracting Your Customers, Expanding Their Reach And Closing More Sales…With Ideas Half As Powerful As Yours!

The Education Entrepreneur Industry is booming like never before. There are far more people looking for you right now than ever...

 So why is your business down…? The greatest obstacle you face is YOU. You and the chaos that stops you simplifying to the point where growth is unstoppable, like Joe’s became…

The issue holding you back from hitting that ‘2-Comma Award’ is not a lack of knowledge, it's not new tactics or any software, but rather an inability to recognise what the key levers are…

It’s not the learning or doing more that gets us to our desired outcome.

It’s being able to stay focused on the few things we know deliver results, it’s eliminating distraction, it’s the disciplined action needed to implement.

Unfortunately, VERY few people are able to focus, know what to focus on, or know what to implement for REAL results.

Let’s face it - we make decisions everyday based on what we believe to be true, but those choices have led you to the results you CURRENTLY have.

In short, very few people can escape their own reality without an outside observer.

And those that recognise they need outside help often find coaches focused on cookie-cutter, one size fits all systems designed to sell to the masses...not deliver REAL results.

While 0.01% do make those work, others require 'more' before they're able to implement ANY “system” freeing them from scarcity.

Success Requires A Different Approach.

In a world of cookie-cutter solutions and group coaching with little, if any individual attention, it’s no wonder so few succeed.

Now There’s A 100% Measurable Replacement For Those Cookie-Cutter Programs That For So Long Have, Lacked Real Results!

Imagine how different life would be if you knew you had a personally customised process, backed by ongoing 1:1 support and the answers and accountability you've always wanted, forcing you to succeed...

Do you think you’d be more successful if you didn’t have to work it all out for yourself? This is the reality of the "KAA Method"…

Standing on that stage is no longer a pipe dream!


You can buy all the courses and programs ever made, you can attend all the events, seminars and Masterminds…

But you won’t ever build the business and life you desire if you can’t stay the course and implement on one clear path.

Like many others, Joe drew the line in the sand and finally built the business of his dreams...

Joe Went From $2,500/mth to $154,000/mth in just 7.5mths… Will You Join Him?


Monthly Losses To $72K In 10 Days

$794K In The First Year.

Product Strategy And Execution Plan

Growth To $5+MM Inside 24 mths


$8K/mth to $130K+/mth inside 18mths

Develop ‘Coaching To Equity’ Strategy Multiplying ROI

Currently at $5MM+/yr




Re-Positioned Brand To Top In Industry

70% Price Increase With No Push Back

Create New Product Strategy And Execution Plan

From $250K to $1M in 10mths


Business Start-up – $454K In First Year

New Product Strategy And Execution Plan


3 x 6-figure Launches In One Year Built In Conjunction
With Parent Business ‘Property Resource Shop’

Don’t Waste Another Day Wishing You Did.
Take A Solid Step Forward…

A few last words…

“Just to be clear… I pride myself on my results and after 10 years of successful launches, startups and business builds, over $121M in results for my clients, I’m looking for savvy Experts that know the value of experience.

I work with people I 100% believe, can make a 5-10X increase in their monthly revenues quickly, allowing them to grow far beyond where they begin.

If we choose to work together, you can be 100% certain, I believe in you, your product, your abilities and in what I see as the potential result.

Does that make it a slam dunk…? No.

There’s going to be work to do…but if we come together and work the plan, there’s going to be smiles, celebrations and loads of results.

Take the next step, book a call and let’s discuss your plan today!”

James Klobasa – Founder, The Experts Way

Still Intrigued At The Possibilities… There’s Only One Way To Find Out What’s Possible For YOU.


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