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It’s Simple, Marketing Drives Sales, Sales Drive Growth And Implementing Around This Allows You To Grow Faster!

I Help Clients Create Rapid And Continual Growth, Implementing The Timeless, Powerful Principles of Direct Response Marketing, Structured Story-Telling, And Proven Strategy!
Mentoring Providing Results, Not Just Knowledge!

The Video Above Reveals The 4 Levels Of Growth And The Challenges Business Owners Face!

Since 2009… Providing Business Expansion, WITHOUT All The Stress & Hustle!

Strategies Created By James Klobasa Have Helped Generate
Over $100,000,000 In Direct Sales Across 15+ Industries.

Founder of Platinum PLM, James Klobasa, entered the marketing scene in 2009. Since that time he’s helped entrepreneurs all over the world implement change with decisive strategic moves.

Demand produced by his simple and formulaic approach allows clients to grow strategically, enjoying life changing results. Are You Ready To Thrive!  Apply now.

Let’s Talk About Applying These Simple Proven Methods In Your Business…

No, get rich quick BS. No crazy tech wizardry,  just a straightforward, proven roadmap to creating a business and life you love.” 

– Barry Moore, Founder – Active Marketer

What Clients Say James’ About Mentoring…

With 60+ business successes, 17 years of Direct Response Marketing, 10 years
Mentoring on Proven Strategy… You’ll be drawing upon real experience.


Start With The End In Mind

The most powerful moments in building anything is in assessing the assets and opportunities available for creating your desired outcome.

Big results take the plan being simple enough for you to execute on fast and precisely.

First, I listen.
Then, I design.


Simplicity Is Mastery

 Clients that are clear on the work required, execute effortlessly, producing massive change fast. 

Right actions, right results.

Growth isn’t about doing ‘more’. Growth is about doing the right thing at the right time.

Ongoing results allow you to build a thriving business you ‘want’ to continue building into the future.


Enjoy The Process

With results flowing, you’re free to think ‘bigger’ about what your business could be.

Repeatable strategies create more opportunity and less stress.

You deserve to be rewarded for the value you add and no matter market you’re in, it needn’t be hard to build a truly thriving business.

By The Way, This Isn’t For Everyone…

Premium Mentoring is designed to rapidly accelerate momentum for people that trust in experience, people that know, they don’t know it all, yet know that experienced help, is valuable help…

If you believe you have what it takes to stay the course…and need an expert with proven, long-term experience to help you thrive, then you’re in the right place.

You’re ready for next level results…

Take Your Next Step Towards Building The Business And Life You’ve Always Wanted…

What’s The Back Story…

In business, James Klobasa is best known as a Product Launch Manager, after completing PLM Training in 2009. James managed his first 6-figure launch just 3 months later. From there, launch after launch hit this elusive mark and grew far beyond. This success attracted requests for Mentoring and Advising on business strategy across many industries.

The journey started in 1998, when James dove headlong into the online world, quickly followed with Copywriting and Direct Response Marketing in 2002. Product Launch Manager Training was a naturally suited progression that he continues to build upon every year.

Naturally competitive and one that strives for high achievement, James has represented Australia in sports, spent over a decade as a professional sportsman and continued his love of travel by expanding his business knowledge and experience with multiple overseas trips yearly.

Strategic Simplicity is his magic power, where-by most “Coaches” want you to ‘do more and hustle’, James works tirelessly to have his clients executing on one clear path, with one clear message, aimed at positioning the business/product as a standout. This delivers unmatched results, and that’s what drives James’ passion for his work.

One Clear Path, Answers You Need, Accountability And Support. Let’s Begin…

Principles Work No Matter The Product, Market Or Industry


Monthly Losses To $72K In 10 Days

$794K In The First Year.

Create New Product Strategy And Execution Plan

Growth To $5+MM Inside 24 mths


Growth – $8K/mth to $130K+/mth

Develop ‘Coaching To Equity’ Strategy Multiplying ROI

Initial Marketing And Brand Strategy




Re-Positioned Brand To Top In Industry

70% Price Increase With No Push Back

Create New Product Strategy And Execution Plan

Simplify Sales Model and Marketing Message


Business Start-up – $454K In First Year

New Product Strategy And Execution Plan


3 x 6-figure Launches In One Year Built In Conjunction
With Parent Business ‘Property Resource Shop’


Complete Brand and Marketing Strategy

New Product Strategy And Execution Plan


Global Brand Launch & Ongoing Strategy

Product & Marketing Development

Don’t Waste Another Day Wishing You Did.
Take Your First Step Forward…

A few last words…

“Just to be clear… I pride myself on my results and after 10 years of successful launches, startups and business builds, I’m not looking for a quick buck.

So here’s my simple promise to you.

I only work with people I 100% believe, can make a 5-10X increase in their monthly revenues quickly, allowing them to grow further.

So if we choose to work together, you can be 100% certain, I’m choosing you for a reason.

It’s because I believe in you, your product, your abilities and in what I see as the potential result.

Does that make it a slam dunk…? No.

There’s going to be work to do…but if we come together and work the plan, there’s going to be smiles, celebrations and loads of results.

Take the next step and let’s discuss your growth plan today!”

James Klobasa – Australia’s Premium Marketing Mentor 

If You’ve Made It All The Way Down Here And You’re Still Intrigued At The Possibilities. There’s Only One Way To Find Out What’s Possible For YOU.

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