Case Study Actions You Can Implement – and how I help clients work only 1.5 days/week

Looking Back/Changing Forward.

Major learning ALERT.


This is something I’ve done for years…

I workout, I travel, I connect. And it’s planned. As my year progresses, it morphs to suit my wants…so I don’t just go flat-out and burnout.

I map my year ahead around the four major areas of life
(warning: this is my life – yours may be different)

Happiness (Connection + Fun)
Health (Fitness & Challenges)
Wealth (Finances & Free time)
Wisdom (Learning & Teaching)

I’ve done this for the last 12 years since attending UPW and walking on the fire (the walking on fire didn’t change anything, I made a choice).

Each year it’s been refined more & more…

The biggest thing I’ve noticed in this time is my PLANNED CHANGE… Each year, this has become more refined around freedom.

More time off.
More time to rejuvenate.
More time to think.



Each year everything expands.

As you may know, the motto I live by is… ‘Do less, Earn more..’ Now, I need to clarify.

It’s better stated as… ‘Do less crap, Experience more gold’…

The earning has always been about earning more freedom time, not ‘just’ freedom tickets…

So, as the year extends, I’m finding the later months get more refined…the experiences become greater and time slows.


If you aren’t aware of this…it could be misunderstood as a time of worry, confusion and frustration.

When you have too much time on your hands without ‘planned experiences’, doubt kicks in.

I find this is what happens with my clients…and sometimes me. I’m not perfect but I’ve learned to ‘see it’.


Enter Bob (name changed for privacy).

He came to me overworked, underpaid and generally pissed off.

Wanting a way out of his ‘current’ situation, we got to work on my 3 step process for an inspired year…

1. He went through the process of writing out what was doing every 15mins for 4 days.
(I highly recommend you do this also)

He found out that he was wasting hours in his day on meaningless, boring crap that was easily outsourced leaving more time for inspiring work and ‘free time’.

2. Then we worked on his ‘perfect day’…describing exactly what he wanted to do each day.
(another practice I highly recommend you do)

We write this around the 4 areas, making sure everything is covered in your day so you are experiencing awesomeness everyday.

3. Then we designed the plan. The plan takes in 3 year goals, 12mth targets, but then is broken down to 90 day, 30 day, 7 day and everyday actions…and got to work.

After the initial shock…

Bob removed two crappy days of work from his week, simplified to ‘experience moments’ rather than ‘work’ and 4X’d his income within 2 months.


Living your perfect day everyday is a weird, yet liberating feeling.

It freaks people out as they often feel guilty in the first few months.

The changes are great, the freedom expands, the happiness extends and the freedom tickets multiply.

I’ve never been about dodging work or slacking. Quite the opposite.

But I am about SIMPLIFYING.

As the year progressed for Bob, he became comfortable with his new ‘perfect day experience’ and we pushed a little further…changing up his perfect day every 90 days.

He’s still pushing forward…and every year, his experiences expand, his smiles get bigger and it all becomes easier.

Another one of my sayings is… “If you use it, it works…”

My first real mentor told me something that stuck…
“Always keep it simpler than you think is possible James.”

If you’d like to get simple, Let’s have a chat about it. Don’t worry, I can’t reach your wallet through the phone, but you might just want to hand it over. That’s on you.

Plan for the burnout OR Plan for the fun…in 2020 and beyond!


James Klobasa
The Experts Mentor

p.s. Planning to thrive: