The ONE thing I’m sure of in life…is that it pays to be one of the few!

I’ll give some context and show you how this fits 100% into rapid business growth and success…

My parents were those runaway immigrants you hear about.

Fleeing the country in the middle of the night, 3ft of snow, border guards with guns, the whole show.

Yet, we never really heard this story until much later in life…

The story I heard as a kid was, “You can do anything you put your mind too!”

It came from my mother.

BUT what I understood and took that as, was completely different.

I heard…

“Whatever you choose to do at 100%, you can achieve!”

And this is why I’m different too many.

It’s why I’m one of the few.

Not better, I said, DIFFERENT.

There’s a quote by Marianne Williamson in The Experts Handbook, that relays how ‘men choose smallness in fear, so that’s how they end up’.

I’ve always chosen different.

And I’ve faced a lot of fear.

If it hasn’t been a practise of yours up until now, start practising it. If you haven’t had the results you desire, choose different more often.

Choose bigger.
Choose scarier.
Step into that fear.

Because we always fall short in some way and that’s the exact reason you must choose bigger.

The fear will always be there…

The opportunity won’t.

We all miss opportunities, yet instead of crying over spilled milk, we need to learn from these times and understand, that there’s always another on the horizon.

If I hadn’t have left my cushy position as a Foreman…
I never would have represented Australia.

If I never changed sports from Hockey to Skiing…
I never would have travelled the world.

If I never invested and backed myself at 100% in business…
I never would have experienced multiple successes.

If I never choose different…
I wouldn’t be me.

When we’re able to shift our attitude, to one of, “Whatever you choose to do at 100%, you can achieve”, our chances of success increase 10-fold.

It’s an attitude, a choice…NO, not always easy, I’ve cowered many times…but the fact that I’m different is proof I’ve faced fear often, and I’ve survived.

You’ll survive too.

Yet you must challenge yourself to really step out on a limb…

Another thing I know…is that doing the same as everyone else, or playing small, living a life with little fear and no risk, will leave you the same as many…and that’s no life of success.

Choose to be one of the few.
Choose it for you.

James Klobasa
The Experts Mentor

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