The Insidious Nature of ‘Doing’

The nature of wanting too, thinking we must, allowing ourselves and uncontrollably being drawn into the…’more’ of anything is so insidious, most will never realise how much time/effort they’re wasting on any given day.


Let me break this down a little more as this is such a complex conversation, so subtle, so damned insidious, that it’s the exact reason most will never gain control of their results…

I have a term I’ve been repeating for years now… “Remove The Ridiculous”.

When most hear this term, they think about the surface level, the menial tasks, the one’s we don’t like, stuff to be outsourced, etc…but I come at this from a much deeper level.

I’ll do it with an example…

We’ve all sat down and said… ’Where’d the day go…?”.

I remember this happening multiple times back around 2011-12. Three years into launching products for clients, I was still fully immersed in the world of ‘doing’ for the sake of it.

The online world is unrelenting, it simply never stops…and being immersed within this, as a Product Launch Manager, it was my job to study all the launches happening at the time to try and find the next best thing.

One Saturday, I had come back from a surf and I’d just sat down to take in another 3-4hrs of video when I had the jolting thought.

“What if I gave up watching these videos?”

That question rung loudly in my head…and then.

“What if I gave up watching everything, consuming everything, doing everything…and simply focused on the, very, very few, things that I MUST do.”

We’ve heard it all before…But have you seriously looked at that question.

When I was younger, I played outdoor Hockey and at 12-13yrs old, I remember drawing up a wall chart of the exact things I needed to execute on, to be in contention to play for Australia. That was my dream…

I stuck that image on my wall, I still remember it.

It had 10 items on it.

When I represented Australia in wakeboarding in 2000, I spent the last few years before it, removing the ridiculous.

Choosing only to do what created the desired result.

In my Product Launches, I only executed on a few key items that I knew produced the result.

Success came by doing less, not more.

It’s why today, as I’m mentoring clients within, I hold them accountable to following ‘One Clear Path’ & have them ‘Remove The Ridiculous’ whenever I see them stray…

When you remove all complexity and find the simplest path to the results you desire.

A path you can execute on, meaning, it’s aligned to the way you operate and who you are at your core.

When you stop deviating or be tempted by something fleeting.

Staying patient, staying the course.

Success becomes process.

Ponder that as you get busy today, then…”Remove The Ridiculous”

All the best in 2020…


James Klobasa
The Experts Mentor