I messed up.

I hate it when I do this, it’s embarrassing, I feel all sorts of shame and guilt, then there’s the time recovering and the effort it takes in building everything back…

BUT…by all accounts, it’s pretty common. A lot of people throw away everything they have, because of a girl, a bad business deal, a roulette table (not me), a drinking habit…or any number of reasons.

It seems the vast majority of people build, then fall…and even more of them repeat the scenario over and over again.

Ever wondered why you haven’t got millions in the bank?


But it is a choice.

I learned about this choice the hard way…and when everything went away, I went to hell ‘n’ back discovering it.

It was never taught to me. Heck, my parents, even my friends parents couldn’t keep it together.

So how the hell was I supposed to.

No, it’s not your fault either.

But it is a choice.

And it takes a different one to build and build and build and continue building without burning the lot.

And the choice you must make is stewardship.

Over life, over health, over wealth, over self…

Because you can lose the lot in the different areas of life…it doesn’t have to happen all at once, yet it can and often does.

But to stop that, you must protect, maintain and improve…and that takes constant and never-ending stewardship.

I wish I’d been taught this word in school instead of ‘biology’, lot of fucking good that one did. (or the hundreds of others that haven’t served me to date)

Why aren’t the important things taught in school… I mean the really important things… It’s a post for another day, but it’s crazy.

So why stewardship…?

Why protection…?

Why Maintenance…?

And why improvement…?

It’s simple.

Because as the saying goes…”If you aren’t growing, you’re dying.”

I talk about this a lot with my Premium Mentoring clients…

I am constantly reminding them about stewardship (so as they don’t repeat lessons of destruction) and the value of measuring protection, maintenance and improvement.

It’s one of the hardest lessons you’ll learn and an even harder ‘practise’ to continue.

Clients constantly come to me with new ideas, tangents and concepts that, in the moment, seem ‘foolproof’, yet are simply distractions to stewardship.

My response is always the same…

I normally summarise what they’re working on now, then ask 2 simple questions.

“Is this complete and working effectively as possible…?”

Followed by…

“So why start from scratch…?”

And that’s the real problem with stewardship. Continuing forward is boring, where as building something new is exciting…

Excitement is the actual killer of bright futures. Big futures.

Finding your one clear path, staying the course, keeping score and being patient is boring…yet very beneficial done right.


How’s your Stewardship…?

Are you continually growing…?
Are you protecting your growth…?
Are you maintaining your growth…?

And are you actually growing your growth…?

After my recovery, I made the choice of stewardship, and it’s part of what I mentor clients on.

It’s not sexy…
There’s nothing shiny…

But there are results. Lots of them. And that’s what’s exciting.

If you’re wondering how to come back, how to build, or simply what your next step is…

Let’s talk, or you can check some of those results by clicking here.

I’d better go do something exciting.

Thanks for reading…

James Klobasa
The Experts Mentor