Calculating Potential

Would a businessman be willing to spend $25K to make $1M..?

A 2.5% investment… It’s a funny question, one I’ve asked many times and while most may be thinking, “I’d jump at that!”

Check again…because the majority say ‘no’.

The question isn’t really…“will one invest $25K to make $1M..?”


“Is one willing to do as told, while controlling all the mental tantrums that normally hold them back..?”

Hmmm… Now if I asked that first, most would said…

“HELL YEAH, What mental tantrums..!”

But again… My numbers have proven most won’t…they can’t say ‘yes’.

Of course, it does come down to trust, connection, alignment etc, etc…I get it. But like I said, over the 10 years I’ve been asking questions like these, for lesser, similar and much greater amounts…

What most are actually saying is…

‘no, I won’t back myself, I won’t be my word and invest like I said I would, the truth is I don’t trust myself, I don’t think I can do it, I’m scared as hell of failing, my mind just won’t allow me to have all I desire, I’m too attached to the struggle, the hustle…and I just can’t take the leap.’

Hmmmm…ever thought that..?
It’s ok, you’re not alone, everyone has, including me.

So, with this in mind, how does one Calculate their own Potential…?

In my experience, and on average, clients have made anywhere between a 3x to 7x multiple of the amount they have invested “upfront”, within the first 30 days of starting with me.
(note: these numbers are an average across 10yrs)

With clients investing anywhere between $1K to $100K upfront. The results have varied greatly.

BUT…As a rule, one could work off that.

3-7 times invested “upfront” to be returned in 30 days…

Not bad!

YET…here’s where this gets interesting…

Across multiple months or a year…

I’ve had clients earn 200X multiples…on a low end investment.
Ex: $5K turned into $1M

And 166X multiples on high end investments.
Ex: $30K into $5,000,000

So how do you Calculate your Potential..?

I guess that depends on whether you’re in a rush…or willing to be patient.

I’ll let you do the math on what you’d be willing to invest upfront…

…And after that, maybe we should have a chat.

It’s worth doing the numbers on…and worth getting control of your mind for.

James Klobasa
The Experts Mentor

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