The Art Of Asking …by Amanda Palmer is a work of art… (Audible link – not an affiliate link)

There, I said it.

My gorgeous fiancé Leonie put me onto her.

Amanda, by her own admission is…

‘Hairy, punk and loud’, she’s a musician that’s more comfortable screaming into a microphone and banging on a piano keyboard than writing books I imagine, but she has a beautiful way with words…

Intimate words melded into engaging stories… She knows how to connect with humans at such a deep level that she was able to pull off a KickStarter project raising $1.2 Million dollars…

How… She reveals EVERYTHING.


I have to admit… I really don’t know what that word means.

When people ask me to connect, I do what I do best, talk business…

And when people ask me to share…

I ask: “What…?, what do you want me to share, what do you want to know…ask me anything…”

And they say… “Just tell me something about you”

And I reply… “What do you want to know…”

Replies are pretty surface level at best unless I’ve allowed you inside my world and trust you at level 100. BTW: not many get here.

Honestly, I don’t understand it, I don’t get it. I don’t know if I even want to ‘get it’.

And yet, I crave to know how.


True connection as I see it, is a deep, subtle, mysterious thing.

But in 2017, I am committed to finding it. Mastering it. Unsubscribe/un-follow now if you don’t want to come on this journey with me. It’s going to get ugly first, that you can be sure of…and then possibly amazing.

…the search has been a long time coming.

If I got anything from Amanda’s book, it was that it all begins with sharing… She’s a master at that.

She shares everything…on all levels…her ups, her downs, her flaws, her weaknesses, nothing is off limits…and then, off the back of sharing everything, she’s trusted enough and game enough to also ask for everything.

Amanda Shares. Amanda creates TRUST.
Amanda Asks. Amanda receives TRUST.

AND this hit me as a key flaw in myself.

Maybe if I just did the same.


So here goes…

I LOVE to trust. But don’t break my trust.

Break it and I will banish you to be eaten by the Wilder-beasts of my mind…
Break my trust and I will drop you LEAVING ME unable to trust myself…until which time I’ve repaired myself in ways, unknown to me exactly…

But normally include taking loads of time out, aimlessly driving hundreds of miles listening to random audios or books and finally, massive amounts of serious arduous exercise, before I fall back into rhythm with the universe.

I’m not proud of this part of me.

But it is ME.

I wonder who else feels this…?

Does this…?

I can’t be alone… Can I…?

Go ahead…

Tell me something about yourself…?

And if you can’t share it here… Private message or email me. I’ll reply in private also…

I look forward to connecting. 🙂
James Klobasa
The Experts Mentor

p.s. Here’s the link to Amanda’s book again… It’s worth the listen.