For years I fucking struggled online…

No one knows this, but one year, I worked 6-7 days/wk, probably 15hrs
a day or more for the full year and only made $27…

Yep, $27 was my total annual income…

Wahooo…! Beer’s on me, but only 1.

How did I live…on my savings, on my credit card…and on my ‘never give
up until I fucking fall down and die energy’.

And NO, it wasn’t very pretty after about the 7mth mark… It got very ugly.

To be completely honest, I didn’t even make the $27 dollars until the 6mth mark…

1 E-book sale…

$27… It made me smile that morning, but it fucking hurt just the same.

I kept a good mask on though, I played the part, I lived well, I attended all
the friendly outings, the dinners, the meetups…

But that year ended a lot of things.

You get to know your friends, family and hangers-on very well when you are
in positions like that…

Now, I wasn’t asking for money off anyone, I wasn’t whinging…
I was doing the work. Yes, admittedly, the wrong work at the time…but never
the less… I was hustling.

I was NO overnight success. NOT lucky, NOT blessed, NO genius here…

I was just, “doing my apprenticeship”…

And to be honest, I’m glad that I did… And I’m glad I only earned $27 that year.


Because now, when I speak to my clients, when I answer their questions,
when they struggle, when they’re stuck, when they feel like giving up, when
they want to push blame, when they can’t see the way forward, when their
anger is so fierce I can feel it through the phone…

I know them. Intimately.
And I feel for them intimately.

A lot of people think the online world is like some sort of magic button, but it isn’t.

It’s REAL, it’s LIFE. And it’s about building REAL business.

It’s about going ALL IN.

It’s about backing yourself 100%.

It’s about losing…and winning.

It’s tears, heartache, laughter and excitement.

It’s the journey…

Some take it, some can handle it, some bow out… No judgement from me.
I know the road.

But looking back now, with my clients earning over $21MM in the past 7yrs…
That $27 and year invested was the best lesson of my life.

Not for any fancy teachings.

I simply learned where my heart was, and how big it was.

When you learn that… The rest becomes very clear.

If there’s one piece of advice I can give…

“Go all in early on, test your metal. Find out if you really want it, then go get it.”

I wish you well on the journey.

James Klobasa
The Experts Mentor