How My Clients Accelerate Cash Flow AND Build ‘Hungry Buyer’ Lists While Growing 7-Figure Profits!


From The Desk Of James Klobasa

Sunshine Coast, Australia

Dear Business Owner, 

Do You Ever Experience Any Of This In Your Business? 

  • You’re constantly chasing ‘more cash or more sales’, continually stressed as the bills pile up feeling like you’re living from week to week.
  • You sign onto others lists and see a beautifully constructed backend machine operating on autopilot while knowing your own ‘machine’ will never cut it in the real world – if you even have one.
  • You WANT to have the lifestyle you see others living, but you just don’t know what systems or team to put in place.You know your product/service is great – but you’re constantly wondering how to get more buyers, which leaves you feeling jaded and undervalued.
  • You work 70+ hour weeks in your business and feel trapped with no clear runway to grow further.
  • Your business has “plateaued”. Hitting your first 6-figure year was easy. But now you’re wondering what it would take to make that per month.
  • You think about the next few years and wonder if it’s even worth carrying on – you may even contemplate getting a ‘normal job’.

Well, let me say this…

If you’re experiencing any of those right now there’s something you need to understand:

You Are Not Alone!

AND… let me congratulate YOU on sticking with it for this long, because it took me a decade to learn what I’m about to teach you.

In 2009 I came across 3 key learnings that started a production line of 6, 7 & 8 Figure Business Success Stories in a range of markets.

And within a few short years, the results that I have helped my clients to achieve have well and truly surpassed $150 million and counting.

I can also tell you this… 

The More Money My Clients Made – The Easier It Became For Them… And Me!

I clearly remember my days in business prior to 2009. It was a constant uphill battle. Nothing was ever easy!

Then something clicked… and the rapid growth from that point forward was almost unbelievable.

Like clockwork the successes accumulated one after another for my clients, and myself.

These successes gave me great confidence and knowledge, but most importantly…

A Proven Process That Could Be Replicated To Produce Exceptional Results For Anyone! 

It was surreal… invitations, offers and connections started piling up. I was, as they say… ‘in the flow’… and I couldn’t stop it. 

It was a wonderful time with a new-found freedom to experience life in all its glory – exactly as I dreamt it could be. The planets had aligned.  And I could finally ‘choose’ how I spent my time. 

But more importantly, I had more time to spend with family. And YOU can too!

The simple and quick way for YOU to make this shift is by implementing…

Strategic Simplicity. 

Firstly, it rapidly increases cash flow in your business putting you in a Comfortable Growth Position.

Second, it allows you to leverage all your assets. Scaling Quickly becomes the next logical step.

Thirdly, simple systems are implemented. This sets everything on Autopilot and allows you FREEDOM.

You see – making the leap from struggle-town to 6 figures a month is almost like turning on the lights after 20 years’ living in the dark. It’s shocking… BUT in a great way! 

Not something you can really understand until you experience it. 

The hard thing is that when you are getting close to this mark, everyone becomes an expert, whether they’ve actually done it or not: 

  • The List Builder says… “You need more leads so you can build a huge list.
  • The Sales Guru says… “All you need to do is build a team of closers and get them banging the phones.”
  • The Funnel Guy says “You’re just one funnel away, let’s redesign your site.”

And look – it’s not that any one of them is wrong. BUT… they are all putting the ‘horse before the cart’ trying to give you quick fixes.

YOU know where that ends up… back at square one:

Cash Poor!
Uncertain Of What To Do!
Overwhelmed And Frustrated!

It’s no secret that there’s a ton of short-term, wishy-washy tactical advice out there, none of which allows long-term strategic growth specific to YOU – or your business. 

And, we all know… no two businesses are the same. 

Everybody has a different Strategic Path to go on to achieve the personal results they so desire.

That’s EXACTLY what I want to help YOU with.

A FREE Strategic Simplicity Session. 

I want to get to know what makes you and your business tick, to see how it works, and show you the simple strategies that will get you creating more cash-flow, accelerating growth and automating for freedom.

But – I won’t just talk to you about it.

I want to show you behind the scenes…

 The real systems. The real numbers.

Strategic Simplicity is when your business quickly doubles, triples – even morewhilst becoming much more fun and simple in less than a year.

The key is to do it with simple steps – strategically, so there are minimal surprises. And once complete, FREEDOM kicks in… in a BIG way! 

In our Strategic Simplicity Session you’ll learn: 

  • How to simply add value and be paid more – more often
  • How to utilize all of your assets to scale simple
  • How to automate like a pro so you look like a well oiled machine even if it’s your first time around
  • Exactly what to do to win back days in your week so that you can spend more time with family – or grow your business  even further


First, you and I will get on the phone 
1 on 1 and get to know your business. 

I’ll be using my 21-years of business smarts to take a look at where you are at, what you’re doing and what you want to achieve. 

Once I have those details, I’ll share an action plan that will have you scaling up quickly as you implement the “Strategic Simplicity” model. 

And like I said – there’s no charge for this. 

BUT… this is NOT for everybody. 


I have to be quite picky about who I’ll speak with so I’ve got a strict (but reasonable) set of criteria you must meet in order for us to proceed.

  • You must be serious about your business. (This is not for people who see their business as a “hobby”)
  • Your business should ideally be turning over $150,000+ already
  • You must be open to new ideas and be willing to try something different (especially if what you’re currently doing isn’t delivering the results you desire) 

If you meet the criteria above and would like to talk to me personally about getting you simple, yet amazing results, then I’ll happily set aside some time for you to speak. 



There are THREE simple reasons:


Right now, I’m on the lookout for a handful of awesome business owners to take under my wing; business owners who I can work with on a personal level and take their business past 7 – and then 8 figures. And what better way to find such awesome people than to talk to them 1 on 1 first?


If you have a product/service that’s delivering great results, I want to provide you with a proven solution that will allow you to make hundreds of thousands of dollars so that you’ll want to continue working with me.


Helping businesses grow and seeing the results is simply a huge passion of mine. It’s why I do this. It’s been that way since 2009. Even if you’re not suitable to work 1 on 1 with me, I’d still like you to keep in contact so I can hear how your business is growing as a result of the information I share!



First, you’ll need to go to the link below and book a time and day that suits you.

Second, once you book your call, I’ll call you to help explain everything I’ve been doing in your market. 

It’s That Simple! 

If we’re a good fit and you end up becoming a client, awesome! And if not – you’ll go away knowing exactly what to implement yourself, so you win either way!

If you’ve read this entire letter and are keen to book a FREE session with me, click the link below and let’s lock in a time. I look forward to speaking with you!

WARNING: Spaces Are Limited

This opportunity is extremely limited because of the intense one-on-one time required to provide you with results – and after all… I am just one man. 

Therefore, it is physically impossible for me to work with more than a handful of people. 

I am only looking for 5 people as 2 places have already been filled in April/May.

Also, you should realise there’s a very large demand for personal one-on-one help from myself. And – what I’m offering you is highly valuable.

So with that said, know that this opportunity won’t be around forever. Visit the link below TODAY to book your call.

As a business owner, the most important skill you’ll ever discover is how to master what I call…Strategic Simplicity

Here Is EXACTLY How To Get It

What my clients say...

"From zero to $150K+/mth in 7.5mths, then $220K+/mth inside the first year - Life changing!"  

Joe Giglietti - Multiply Inc.

What my clients say...

"From losing $5k/mth when we first talked, we hit $6M+ in 24mths.
Is there anything else I need to say..."


What my clients say...

"3 x Six-figure moves this year transformed my business financially and 
doubled my income."  

Matt Jones - Ultimate Property Hub

What my clients say...

"James Klobasa made me money. We hit six figures in less than 24 hours. What really matters is that he knows what he’s doing. And it converts. Love it, love his work!"  

Jennie Brown - REIM

What my clients say...

"You’ll love him and you’ll hate him, but he will produce results if you stick with it.

At first, you’ll disagree with what he says so you won’t implement (it seems too simple to work because you’ve been busting your arse to get pennies for years). This will go on, and your results will stay the same, and you’ll be butting heads.

Then, you’ll disagree with him but you will implement what he says because why not, it’s not like its working at the moment anyway. Then, the first win happens… then the next… then the next…

A part of you still doesn’t want to believe, but then the pieces keep falling into place, easier and easier, win after win. All of a sudden the things James has been saying for months start to make sense and you wonder why you couldn’t hear him before.

Then you believe what he says and implement it, and that is when the magic happens, record breaking month after record breaking month, more simplicity, more lifestyle, less hustle. Listen to the man and execute!

Tim Johnsson - BreedElite

What my clients say...

"James's guidance in business financial gain has simply been amazing. Simplified strategies that make focus so much clearer, for business now and planning for the future.  

Time frames to achieve targets are so much shorter meaning productivity has grown immensely. I can't recommend James highly enough for what he has brought to my business."

Hamish McMichael - Thrive 45

What my clients say...

"If you're an expert in your field, but have struggled to gain any real attraction online, its probably because you're focusing on all the wrong things.

James lays out the perfect, easy to follow, strategy for not only building a successful online business, but also creating the lifestyle you want. Follow the plan you can't help but transform your business.

No get rich quick BS, no crazy tech wizardry, just a straightforward, proven roadmap to creating a business and life that works."

Barry Moore - Active Marketer

What my clients say...

"A close friend asked me the “secret” to my skyrocketing success over the last 2 years.

My answer came swiftly - 'Everything changed for me when I hired James'.

I knew the best in the world all have great coaches and that MIGHT be the thing holding me back.

I looked for a coach with two Main criteria.  
1- He had to have done what I was trying to achieve ($100k/month income)
2 - He had to have helped others achieve the same (Not all who do it can coach it).

James met both criteria.  Within 5 months of working with him, I moved from a townhouse to my first mansion and had hit $1.2M in earnings. I hit $2.4M in earnings inside the first 12 months.

The original mansion gave way to one worth double and I finally have the lifestyle and income I always dreamed about.

James proved to me that I was the one in my own way.  My life and business results are more powerful, impactful, and manageable as a result of his voice in my life.

Do it the simple way - James will show you how." 

Joseph Arron - Event REI

Don't miss out on this opportunity – book a no-obligation info call now to see how we can work together!

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