The 3 Stages of Growth & the #1 Issue Holding Most Back

You CAN build anything you desire, if you can hold tight during these basic steps.

I get excuses all the time as to ‘why I can’t do this’ and ‘why I can’t do that’, but let’s break growth down to the ridiculously simple and take a look at what it really consists of…

Stage 1: Organic

If you have an idea, and it grows organically, say, you’re in the local hairdresser and hear people talking about how they’d love it if there was a yoga studio near by.

The closest town is 30 miles away, yet there’s a small local community centre nearby and you decide to run sessions in the hall…the next thing you know you have 15-30 people showing up 3 times a week.

That’s Organic Growth – The First Stage of something BIG!

Stage 2: Slow & Steady

With sales rolling in and you becoming busier and busier with the delivery side of business, you must Slow Down To Speed Up.

After just 3 months, of my clients hit $120K/mth, like a chicken with his head cut off, he’d contact me chirping about ‘more growth and expansion’…yet I told him he wasn’t ready.

In Stage 2, you have to slow down, you must systematise everything in the business. That means documenting all the processes to the point where you have a manual that anyone can pick up and step into that roll.

It can be a little painful if you aren’t a ‘documenting’ kinda guy, but you could have someone else do it for you.

If you Slow Down to take care of this stage, it allows you to Speed Up in stage 3.

Stage 3: Keep Firing Yourself

With organic growth sustaining the business and the documentation in place, you can now fire yourself. It’s time to start hiring your team.

I’ve literally run these 3 Stages with multiple clients and they’ve all grown well beyond the $M mark. They’ve all sustained great businesses and growth quite fast…

It’s actually easy to do, IF, and this is the biggy… IF you can get out of the way of yourself and your crazy mind.

The GREATEST problem anyone will ever have is their own mind trying to sabotage their growth. It will tell you all sorts of stories and your #1 JOB is to keep it under control.

That does end up my job also in the Mentoring I do, but overall, this is the #1 issue to growth.

Success is Process, as I’ve said many times, yet growth is a battle of the mind. As is anything you desire in life…

Ideas are plentiful.
Buyers are plentiful.
Team members are plentiful.

Positive, certain, confident and tough minds…not so much.

Yet this is something we focus on in ‘The Experts Alliance.’

We’ve seen the pitfalls, the warning signs and the sabotage all before…and that’s why we’re able to go beyond.

If you know this has been stopping you, and you know you must overcome it…Let have a chat and see if you’re a fit.

No pressure, no stress…we’re building an Alliance, not selling shiny buttons.

If you’re prepared to stay the course, and won’t bow out at your first little win, you’re in with a chance.

James Klobasa
The Experts Mentor