[—Deep Thinking Alert—] As they say, a picture tells a thousand words… So let’s dig into
what this one is saying… (BTW: Love this pic but more on that at the end)

When we assess our lives, our successes and our failures, chances are we’re assessing them from
inside our own frame of reference. But as you would have heard, you can’t change your situation
whilst coming from the same thinking…or same frame of reference.

That’s why I love this photo so much… It shows those perspectives.

Firstly you have myself, inside a room, operating from one frame of reference (this was taken at
my recent Hawaii ‘X’ Event) and then you have the very beautiful Leonie, standing outside of
the room taking the photo…operating from a completely different frame of reference.

And as you can see, Leonie’s also looking through a lens, again, taking her even further away from
what’s actually happening, both outside the room and inside the room.

In this situation, Leonie is unable to learn from, understand fully, or operate form the knowing
within the room.

Deep I know… But stay with me.

This is often what happens to us in life…and in business.

All people, including me, only ever operate from their frame of reference. And let’s just talk
business now…

If your business is at a certain level, it’s there because of your frame of reference…which determines
what actions you are taking.

You may see someone across the room, or in this case, inside the room and be jealous, angry or envious
of the level that they are operating at, desperately wanting their results.

You keep standing outside the room, taking the same actions you have done…yelling and screaming for
results to come but nothing…

You continue doing the things that you’ve been taught outside the room…and the same results continue…

You get even more pissed off…!

Now you’re yelling and screaming even loud, wondering why the fuck you can’t get the same or even similar
results to those inside the room…

You tell yourself you’re giving up, you scream it’d be too hard, you are fearful of the work required,
you cry and beg for things to change…

But Nothing.

THEN…when the pressure becomes to much.


You storm the fucking building.
You stand in the room, hands on your hips, defiantly.

You look around…

And everyone is smiling… They’ve been waiting.

They aren’t doing anything hard at all.
They don’t have any special secrets.
There’s no sign of anything sneaky.


You’ve stormed into the room with such force, bravado and power that you’ve forgotten what was outside,
you sit down for a moment, someone hands you a drink, you begin to settle in your chair…

You breath deeply.

You can hear them clearly now.

And you realize just how silly you’ve been all this time and say to yourself…

“Now if I’d just dropped everything I was doing that didn’t work out there and stepped into this room a
week, month, year, 5 years ago…”

The point I’m trying to make here, and I hope you’ve got it, is that if what you’re doing isn’t delivering
up the results you desire…

Stop what you’re doing…
Look for people that are experiencing the results you desire…


Sit down, get comfortable and forget about where you’ve come from for a while…

You can always go back to that.

But chances are, you never will.

Don’t get caught trying to change your results without first changing your perspective.

Nothing is harder on the other-side, just different.

James Klobasa
The Experts Mentor
p.s. And if you’d like to have a discussion with me about a different perspective for you, just reach out.
I’d love to welcome you into our room…


p.p.s. This my absolute fav photo from Hawaii ‘X’…The space we had was directly over the beach, the sun
shone in, the palm trees, the water, the reflections, the sand, the surfboard, swimmers, sunbakers, gorgeous
Leonie Orton, teaching, barefoot and loving life…all in one awesome shot.

It captures exactly how I operate.

Remember: Board-shorts and brainwaves are enough to make your dreams come true…

Come get some… 🙂