Want Me To Install The Proven Systems & Automations We Use To Build 8-Figure Companies Into Your Business?

If you’re interested, I’ll take you behind the scenes and show you exactly how my clients are achieving extraordinary results.

Strategic Simplicity Guarantees Electric Blue Ferrari And Foundations
For $21,217,000 In Profits Inside 12 Months!

You may not be eyeing off the latest Ferrari, yet this Business owner’s results were created between March and December 2020 — and they could be yours!

For Business owners wanting to grow far beyond and far more quickly than the average owner, there is one thing needed. One thing above all else that’ll get you the profits quicker than every other average Business owner.

After all, average owners get average results, don’t they?

What’s The One Thing This Ferrari Owner Has More Of Today Than A Year Ago?

 >>> Highly Qualified Buyers <<<

Dear Business Owner,

You understand itexcept all you hear from marketers is ‘you need to spend more on leads’.

Other gurus will have you set up sales teams to bang the phones, while the newbies will waste your ad budget on the old tactics of pushing people straight to ‘strategy sessions’ or have you spam your LinkedIn contacts with all kinds of crazy messages...

Marketers Have Become Lazy And It’s Costing YOU!

The results you read above were created with what I call Strategic Simplicity.

This technique is something I’ve refined over the last 11yrs. It cuts through the noise, identifies highly qualified buyers and simplifies the sale.

The best part? Marketing budgets are slashed by around 2/3rds.

And — without all the amateurish, pushy tactics being rolled out online.

It’s Time To Get Smarter.

Can I Help Guide You To Greater Profits In The Next 12 Months?

Before you answer that, you may be thinking, ‘Who is this guy and how can he help me?’.

In the past 11 years I’ve helped over 60 Business owners implement Strategic Simplicity and grow past their targets and the 7 & 8-figure mark, while enjoying more profit, security and freedom.


The reason I ask about your growth is because not everyone wants to grow. They simply aren’t prepared to do what’s required. And honestly — I’d prefer it if you were upfront with me right now.

You see, my clients and their results are a very serious thing to me…call them my obsession.

The ones that do make the commitment normally stay on for 3-5 years, so… 

The Question Is…

Can you wait another 3-5 years to gain the results shown in the image below?


If the thought of hitting a target like this excites you and you’re committed — let’s have a conversation about how it actually happens.

You can book that chat by clicking the Button below.

It’s not a sales call or sales pitch. It’s more a get-to-know-each-other call. It will allow us both to know whether we’re aligned. If we are and we both see a way forward, then great.

If not — then we’ll both enjoy a lively business discussion regarding what’s working right now in your industry.

I also understand that a lot of people are busy creating marketing 24/7… but not everyone wants to take the time to do it for themselves and that’s where our little discussion comes in.

YES — I do everything for you! You simply do what you do best.



“From losing $5k/mth when we first talked, we hit $6M+ in 24mths.
Is there anything else I need to say…?”



“From zero to $150K+/mth in 7.5mths, then $2.4M inside the first year. Life changing!”

Joe Giglietti – Multiply Inc.


Book your chat by clicking the button below.

 Predictably, Clients Do Resist Me Until Unexpected Results Materialize!

That’s Why Fast ROI’s Are My Highest Priority.

A little background…

I’ve helped clients grow thriving businesses in: Property Sales, Investment Coaching, Business Consulting, Online Coaching, Software, Meditation, Healing, Self Help, Personal Finance Coaching, Branding & Design, Ad Agencies, Insurance, Farming, Virtual Event Coaching, Spiritual Coaching, Internet Marketing, Fitness, Forex Trading and Commercial Property.

And here are a few of my firsts…

2010 – first 6-Figure Launch
2011 – first Millionaire Client
2012 – first 6-Figure Day
2013 – first 6-Figure Monthly Recurring Income
2014 – first $5MM Client
2015 – first 8-Figure Client
2017 – first Group of $M Clients
2018 – 45th 6-Figure Launch
2019 – first Multi-$M Client inside 12-months
2020 – most profitable year across all clients…but let’s get back to the story.

Strategic Simplicity Guaranteed Over 60 Thriving Businesses
Continually Increasing Returns And Freedom!


I want to share, 3 insightful and possibly confronting stories with you…


In our first discussion, Joe literally said, “I can’t do this anymore!”. He was working harder than ever, and his income hadn’t moved an inch in months…

But he knew deep down, more was possible. In fact, he was surrounded by peers that were selling like crazy, winning awards and moving up in life…therefore he had the proof it was possible.

Joe’s backstory included being homeless 3 times (yes, with his wife and two young kids) so scraping his way back into a modest apartment took everything he had. When we met, he was inches from repeating the cycle for a 4th time.

It was at this point Joe had to relinquish all control…he knew he had to draw a line in the sand, and step over it.

In the first few weeks, Joe began making the changes required but I could feel the resistance. Old habits crept back in and I could feel the fear, the doubt, the anxiety…but I’d seen it all before.

Great Results Begin After Removing The Ridiculous

The beginning is where old habits, beliefs and mindsets get challenged, old strategies are changed and where the once highly valued, but now useless, is eliminated.

It’s where the new, starts to carve a path.

It’s the most challenging time, along with the most rewarding.

Creating $2.4 Million in 11.5 Months From Scratch Takes Inner Change!

In the 2yrs Joe’s been a client, he’s moved from a small apartment, to his first “mansion” (as he calls it) then onto his dream home. His second “mansion” was bought to show his kids anything is possible, it has access to a private lake, indoor pool with grotto, theatre and much more…(see image below)

Leaving behind scarcity, Joe moved through abundance and now lives securely in prosperity.

We still chat daily. We talk teams, systems, sales, automation and mindset, nothing is off limits as we’ve become great friends.

You see, I take my clients and their results very seriously…they are like family


Introduced to me by a peer, Helen was explained to me as a self-made multi-millionaire in the Property industry, with a passion for teaching that had a sales problem.

In our initial discussion, she mentioned the business had been losing $5000/mth since September, it was now late February. And I could tell that it wasn’t her wallet, but her pride that was hurting.

During the call, she made a point of mentioning the 22 products she ‘wanted launched this year’. She also mentioned that she had just bought a place on Vanuatu (an island off Australia), and she wanted to spend more time on the island…

The conversation continued.

The Desire To Add Complexity Is In-Built In All Humans,
Yet To Excel, We Must Fight This Urge!

Helen’s very human tendency to add complexity was stopping her from seeing the One Clear Path that would fix her ‘problem’.

It was my job to clear the way.

After 90 minutes and some confronting discussion, the path was clear. We ‘chose’ to move forward, with just one product.

3 weeks of implementation, then literally overnight, her results exploded. She called me to explain $72,000 worth of sales had come in.

A welcomed turnaround…

I didn’t hear from her for two weeks, and was getting a little worried so I called to check in. More sales, in fact, they were so busy selling, she’d plain forgotten to keep me updated.

I trained an extra 5 salespeople and in the following year she closed in on $6M.

From Loss To $6M – One Clear Path Is All You Need!


At the end of 2009… Greg came to me with a dream of traveling the world full-time with just his laptop and fiancé…and he wanted his business to fund the adventure.

He paid the $25,000 USD upfront fee and signed the contract which included a percentage of profits. I was working towards a much larger pay-day.

We got to work, and everything was going well until just hours before the offer went live. In short, Greg got cold feet and swapped out the sales piece ‘thinking’ he knew better.

Now to be fair, Greg was a savvy marketer, yet his last-minute doubts cost us both.

It took around 6 months for Greg to talk me back into working with him, along with another $25,000 USD cheque…but when the deal was done he said to me, “James, I’ve learned my lesson, it was a costly one, I’m handing you the reigns. I trust you.”

Greg’s 2nd promotion raised $103,247 in just 5 days.

Two more promotions got him to $1.2M and within a couple of years, he’d surpassed $5M.

Belief And Trust Will Take You Around The World!


Most simply don’t believe it’s possible to do so little while creating so much, so quickly. And that’s why Strategic Simplicity has such profound results.

It shifts your thinking for good.

But dare I say it…the desire for complexity is not your fault. Humans are hardwired to seek complexity.

Therefore, when simplicity and clarity show up, greater returns always follow close behind.

I have to mention “Marketers” here for a moment, because not all marketers are built alike, and simplicity comes in two forms.

There’s the ‘it’s quick and easy’ crowd, and there’s the ‘take it slow and steady’ crowd.

I’m one of the later.

I feel strongly about my ideas, I’m willing to back them to the point of walking away…but this only comes from experience in producing big, fast results for 11 years straight.

And while I do say you can create big, fast results… There is work to be done, and there are no gimmicks, tricks or tactics that’ll do this for you.

Therefore, in saying this, you can be guaranteed I’m not here for a ‘quick fix or quick buck’. I’m only interested in building businesses that thrive for the long term and in that, build long term relationships.

In Summary…

If you’re willing to Remove The Ridiculous, if you’re willing to follow One Clear Path, if you’re willing to Stay The Course…then I know you can achieve anything.

At the beginning of this page, I mentioned how my clients regularly resist the change I put forward, then quickly shift to raving fans when the results show up.

I wonder, what would happen if you were challenged with that change?
Would you fight it…or lean into it and buy a mansion like Joe.

How quickly could you grow if everything became simpler?
Would let go of complexity to chase island life like Helen.

…and what would your life be like if you trusted 100%?
Would you travel the world like Greg.

My clients come to me with bigger problems than ‘just money’. They look to tackle problems worthy of their lives, they’re chasing dreams.

Like to discuss yours? Book your chat below.

Talk soon,

James Klobasa


“3 x Six-figure moves this year transformed my business financially and
doubled my income.”

Matt Jones – Ultimate Property Hub


“In less than 24 hours, we hit six figures and James paid for himself. What really matters is that he knows what he’s doing. And it converts. Love it, love his work!”

Jennie Brown – REIM


Markets I’ve Helped Build 7-8 Figure Businesses In.

Real Estate Property Sales, Real Estate Investment Coaching, Business Consulting, Online Business Coaching, Trading Software, Mediation, Healing, Self Help, Personal Finance Coaching, Branding & Design Agencies, Facebook Ad Agencies, Insurance, Farming, Virtual Event Coaching, Spiritual Coaching, Internet Marketing, Fitness Coaching, Forex Trading, Commercial Property

What my clients say...

"From zero to $150K+/mth in 7.5mths, then $220K+/mth inside the first year - Life changing!"  

Joe Giglietti - Multiply Inc.

What my clients say...

"From losing $5k/mth when we first talked, we hit $6M+ in 24mths.
Is there anything else I need to say..."


What my clients say...

"3 x Six-figure moves this year transformed my business financially and 
doubled my income."  

Matt Jones - Ultimate Property Hub

What my clients say...

"James Klobasa made me money. We hit six figures in less than 24 hours. What really matters is that he knows what he’s doing. And it converts. Love it, love his work!"  

Jennie Brown - REIM

What my clients say...

"You’ll love him and you’ll hate him, but he will produce results if you stick with it.

At first, you’ll disagree with what he says so you won’t implement (it seems too simple to work because you’ve been busting your arse to get pennies for years). This will go on, and your results will stay the same, and you’ll be butting heads.

Then, you’ll disagree with him but you will implement what he says because why not, it’s not like its working at the moment anyway. Then, the first win happens… then the next… then the next…

A part of you still doesn’t want to believe, but then the pieces keep falling into place, easier and easier, win after win. All of a sudden the things James has been saying for months start to make sense and you wonder why you couldn’t hear him before.

Then you believe what he says and implement it, and that is when the magic happens, record breaking month after record breaking month, more simplicity, more lifestyle, less hustle. Listen to the man and execute!

Tim Johnsson - BreedElite

What my clients say...

"James's guidance in business financial gain has simply been amazing. Simplified strategies that make focus so much clearer, for business now and planning for the future.  

Time frames to achieve targets are so much shorter meaning productivity has grown immensely. I can't recommend James highly enough for what he has brought to my business."

Hamish McMichael - Thrive 45

What my clients say...

"If you're an expert in your field, but have struggled to gain any real attraction online, its probably because you're focusing on all the wrong things.

James lays out the perfect, easy to follow, strategy for not only building a successful online business, but also creating the lifestyle you want. Follow the plan you can't help but transform your business.

No get rich quick BS, no crazy tech wizardry, just a straightforward, proven roadmap to creating a business and life that works."

Barry Moore - Active Marketer

What my clients say...

"A close friend asked me the “secret” to my skyrocketing success over the last 2 years.

My answer came swiftly - 'Everything changed for me when I hired James'.

I knew the best in the world all have great coaches and that MIGHT be the thing holding me back.

I looked for a coach with two Main criteria.  
1- He had to have done what I was trying to achieve ($100k/month income)
2 - He had to have helped others achieve the same (Not all who do it can coach it).

James met both criteria.  Within 5 months of working with him, I moved from a townhouse to my first mansion and had hit $1.2M in earnings. I hit $2.4M in earnings inside the first 12 months.

The original mansion gave way to one worth double and I finally have the lifestyle and income I always dreamed about.

James proved to me that I was the one in my own way.  My life and business results are more powerful, impactful, and manageable as a result of his voice in my life.

Do it the simple way - James will show you how." 

Joseph Arron - Event REI

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