Expert vs Amateur

1. Value Content – The fact is that 95% (the amateurs) have never actioned
the content they put out into the market. Amateurs ‘think’ it would get a result
if implemented and therefore become challenged by personal insecurities.

Experts have implemented and proven the positive results of the content they
deliver, empowering key #2.

2. Consistency – Amateurs suck at this, they give up at the first hurdle (because
of the lack of implementation), they complain when they don’t get paid, they
‘expect’ quick results yet never deliver past initial resistance…

Experts deliver consistently with full belief, multiplying momentum.

3. Single Proven Strategy – Over and over again, I see the amateur move from tactic
to tactic, concerned more with learning the latest ‘trick’, rather than fully
implementing a single strategy. The failure to fully implement crushes belief
and momentum.

Experts aren’t rushed, they are slow, methodical and strategic at implementing
proven success…and then multiplying with refinement.

Executing these three keys will add whatever you desire to your life…

Not executing will keep you an amateur for life…

Tough but true.

James Klobasa

The Experts Mentor