(if you’re trying to muster the courage to make a comeback right now, read on…)

Just like any good Rocky movie, you’ve gotta be able to make a ‘comeback’…but how do you REALLY pull that off..?

I’ve experienced my fair share of beat-downs…and in the moment, they can get pretty ugly. If you read my post a couple of days back on ‘Scarcity’, I spoke a little about one of my biggest falls and the fact that I didn’t really feel the pain of the monetary loss…

I mentioned how being ‘Woo Woo AF’ helped out with dropping all the negatives…but what about the money.

How do you recover the money when you lose it all, and have nothing to start again.

It’s pretty simple actually…

You see, I’ve come to learn that money doesn’t really matter. You can live well with or without it…it’s just a tool, a resource, a measuring stick.

Stay with me here…

Think back to when you first began in business…all you had was an idea. That’s what drove you, right…?

Just like in my comeback story from the other day, I focused on the idea.

But deeper than that…even without money, you have skills.

When I was humbled last time, skills were all I had. And I was literally on a three-week timeline to bankruptcy.

So going back to basics was key.

If you’re feeling the pinch right now, and know you MUST make a comeback…

I want you to do this right now.

Write down a list of the most basic skills you have. Narrow it down to just 1-2 that pay you.

You know, the one’s you overlook all the time, the one’s that paid you when you were starting out, the one’s you absolutely ROCK at.

For me, at the most basic level, I always come back to copywriting.

I know that if I can just muster up the energy, the courage, the intention to write something…anything…

Then I have a chance, I have a way out.

It’s always been my saving grace.

It’s when I can’t do the basic, that’s what really freaks me out.

I have a fix for that too, and I’ll get to that in a moment.

But you need to slow down and get clear.

Thousands of people across the globe everyday are living in constant panic because of this ONE problem.


It humbling as all F%$K…I get that.

But doing nothing doesn’t help.

Where as, just doing YOUR ONE THING. Your basic thing…moves you one step forward.

In Comeback mode, you need to shut everything else out. Sure, see your friends and family…but don’t avoid the problem by visiting them…

That’s a form of sedation.

You must face the problem head-on.

And you must force yourself forward by doing your one thing.

Doing just this will create momentum.

And even if it’s a simple win, a small payday, a pat on the back…it will begin your momentum.

I’ve been there, I know what you’re feeling right now. I can feel your pain.

BUT you MUST move forward ASAP.

And that’s why going back to your most basic skill, the one that pays you the most easily, is critical.

Look, I never want to go back to PanelBeating (my first job), but I tell you want. If I had to, I’d surely call up the local vintage HotRod Club and offer my skills…

Just so I could hide out in my shed working at night all alone and not be seen.

It was the first skill I learned, it was dirty, grimy, noisy and I hated it at the time, but I know I have skills there to get me paid…and if push came to shove, I would love it, even if for just a short time.

Do what you know you must.

The Voice in your head is yelling loud and clear at you to move, it’s telling you what to do…

So, go do it.

Because waiting only makes the pain worse.

Okay…this has gone on longer than what I thought and I want to tell you about that ‘FIX’ for when you’re so angry at your loss that you can’t even muster the energy to do the basics.

Here it is…

I learned this over 10yrs ago…and it works like a treat. It’s kinda boring, painful and can be tough, but on the whole, it’s an easy exercise.

Grab a foolscap pad and a pen. 
(One with plenty of ink and lots of pages)

Set a timer for 60 minutes… YES, 60.

Now I want you to write everything that’s in your head…


Yes, all about the girl/guy next door, how the cat licks itself, all those swear words, about the green elephant you’re imagining right now, how the coffee sucks, why you shave your balls, picking your nose…

EVERYTHING, that comes to mind.

Don’t lift your pen, just write.

As fast as you can.

Don’t even think, just write.

If you’re angry, upset, depressed, pissed off, whatever…if you’ve got a lot of negatives rolling around in your grey matter.

Do it.

Don’t edit, don’t read it afterwards…just write until the timer goes off.

Then burn it.

Light a candle and burn it. (Yeah, WOO WOO AF)

And do it everyday for 30 days.


30 days.

I guarantee by the end of the 30 days. You won’t be angry.

You’ll be clear and overflowing with positivity.

It’ll be pouring out of you onto those pages.

Ideas, laughs, memories, everything…and it will be great..!

Burning them will seem a crime…but just do it anyways.

I promise you’ll have plenty more good stuff bubbling up.

This is like doing a juice cleanse for the mind…and it works a treat.

I’ve done this several times over the last 10yrs…

And it works every time.

By the end of the 30 days, I have so much positivity flowing out onto the pages that it pains me to burn them. I want to read them, go back over them…write notes on my ramblings.

But there’s no need.

Because there is never a shortage.

You always have just what you need, waiting for you.

Anyways… I wanted to put this out there today. I know it’s a longer one.

But if you’re looking to make a comeback, just know…you’re not alone, there are literally thousands, if not millions going through exactly what you are…

And it’s ok.

Everything will be ok.

If you need some extra help…reach out to one of the many Clinic’s that help with deeper depression and anxiety.

But it’s cool.

Try the writing.

You can make it back…

After all. Money is just a thing.

Smiles, kisses and hugs are worth so much more.

James ’Comeback’ Klobasa


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