I wrote The Experts Handbook (which you can grab for free here) because of one main reason…

The book wasn’t supposed to be a sales-letter, an authority piece, bait piece or even a “great read”. It was meant as a Handbook…a literal action guide someone could implement…never mind if you were a start up or long time internet junkie.

You see, that’s the big problem, and the big opportunity online.

Giving up the ‘crack’. The crack of the Internet and all it’s wonderful ‘options’ and ‘knowledge’, as most like to ‘excuse’ addiction as…

Action is the true ‘black’.

Fuck transformation or any other buzzword.

Just like being a junkie addicted to cocaine, knowledge and options have become the killers of many great businessmen and women.

Action however, has become reserved for the elite, the 1%.

And…there lies the opportunity.

The fact is, it takes barely any real action (real being the operative word) to actually produce.

And the 99%…are set to explode.

$10K/mth… I talk to many “business” owners that can’t budge their way past this number…it’s the same at $20K and $30K/mth…

Comparison, poor stories, poor attitudes and lots of lies stop them…YET they go back to the source for another ‘hit’ everyday.

Opportunity screams at all of them to take different action.

But, CRACK-HEADS jump online, study, buy, watch, read, consume and shrink slowly, living that old quote.

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

I’ve been there, that’s why I can see it so clearly.

When I came out of my PLM training in 2009, I spent 2-3yrs with my veins plugged straight into the source…watching launches, VSL’s, reading email constantly and taking almost zero action for myself.

Thank god I was being paid well and gaining great results for clients otherwise I would have gone down like so many.

And I can’t even imagine in today’s mess with FB destroying reach and forcing everyone to pay for it…

I remember pulling the needle out. I was sitting in my living room one morning, watching yet another launch video, preying I was going to find the ‘magic answer’…for what I don’t know, I’d already done around ten, 6-figure launches by that point…

And it hit me like a hammer. JUST UNPLUG.

I literally switched off the video I was watching, walked to my car, threw in some board-shorts and went for a swim.

I got my life back in that instant.

The addiction has some withdrawal symptoms and can be painful…but the addiction is holding you back from what you truly desire.

In China they actually have “internet addiction” trainings…yet the crack-like nature, of every expanding knowledge is consuming business owners left, right and centre.

Do be one of them.

Be an outlier… Be an ACTION taker.

Be the new ‘black’.

You’ve studied enough.

It’s kind of funny, but as a Mentor, I teach very little yet find myself pushing action 90% of the time.

Normally, unless they’re truly addicted, it only takes a small shift to have clients take off.

I also find myself pushing ‘old’ actions…

And this is really weird.

But business owners that jump online and plug-in, seem to forget that before they were online, they took different actions, that actually worked.

It’s like the junkie that used to visit with his/her kids…yet forgets they exist once plugged in.

Have you forgotten the old actions that once paid you…?

Go back to them.


I have one thing I do, and have done for 9yrs now that pays me…and it’s what I do. I know it. I feed it. And it feeds me…

Do I do other things…? Yes, of course. Do other things feed me, Yes, of course.

But I haven’t forgotten my roots.

If you’re struggling, I urge you to sit down today and thing back to what’s worked for you in the past, really worked…and add that to your routine.

It may just save you from going under.

And a last word for the junkie’s…

Your addiction is exactly that. Just because it’s the internet, and you’re learning, it’s no different to spending money on crack cocaine.

So, If it doesn’t serve you, give it up.

Ponder that hard today.

There’s a life waiting for you. 🙂

James Klobasa