I’ll confess, I’ve never made 7-figures in a year, although I have mentored 9 clients to that mark…so here are my learnings so you may consider the challenge for yourself. (…so much for the wisdom of not being able to teach something you haven’t done yourself)

Most every client I’ve had ‘wants’ to get to 7-figures, yet few actually ‘want’ it badly enough to do what’s required. That’s been my excuse also. There’s nothing wrong with this fact, but it can be hard to swallow.

Yesterday I spoke of conviction…and it’s a requirement, but there’s also something driving someone from deep inside, giving them the desire, the want, and the conviction to ‘make it’ to 7. Something I haven’t been able to put my finger on…yet I can see it when I meet them, they’re different.

It begins very humbly, with the desire to ‘earn more’…they come screaming for cash. Behind that I’ve always noticed their drive, not for the cash, but for what the cash can ‘do’.

Cash creation is easy, it’s about clarifying your message and creating an irresistible offer. Easy enough in any market, just listen to what people’s problem’s are, and give them the solution…in their words.

Easy enough, but almost too hard for most. This is always the first stumbling block and generally takes the longest time. People are mostly unwilling to do the little bit of work required. The work required is research, no, it’s not as sexy as making loads of cash fast, but it makes it all easier.

I’ve done this research for many clients over the years, hence why I’ve been able to produce the results I have.

But once clients do this work…$30K/mth is a snap. (Keep that in mind)

***Note: I’m leaving out background distractions like family life, health etc, purposely, as that’s a whole other discussion and does tie into one’s ability to produce…but for reading sake, I’ll keep this on task, focused on the business side.

Delivery becomes sticky at $30K/mth for most, unless you have your model sorted, you play a back n forth game of ‘Firefighter’ between clients and selling…

The easy fix is to sort delivery first…then move to increase selling. It’s why the online model is so easily sold, “Hey, just build an online program and earn 7-figures…!”

It’s kind of true…but reality runs deeper. If you have delivery sorted, focusing on sales becomes easier. Ramping up sales without delivery sorted, becomes a fucking nightmare…and where most begin riding the income rolla-coaster.

However, with delivery sorted, ramping sales to $50K/mth is a pinch. Not forgetting, you must have your message and offer sharp as a tack.

If you’re bouncing off the ceiling here, buying your ticket on the Rolla-coaster, go backwards a step to your messaging and offer.

Systems come into play here obviously, internal processes need to be streamlined…yes, you must have the admin side, paperwork sorted to continue…

$70K/mth…you must have a team around you. It’s been funny over the years, watching clients, seeing their struggles, watching the order in which they approach these stepping stones…

Some build the foundations, the structure, paint out the inside, fittings and all before filling it with people…some build brick by brick.

There is no right way or wrong way, just your way there.

Of my clients…

The fastest to 7-figures…14mths, 3 launches did it.

The largest… $5+MM in their second year…from scratch.

The slowest, around 30mths, to $1.4MM/yr.

The first, sticking to a rigid launch schedule, focused on the message, the solution and increasing reach.

The second building the structure around the core, the message, and the team, before scaling advertising almost overnight, quadrupling the results.

The third… 2.5yrs to 7-figures…that’s the slowest my clients have made it to 7-figures…actually scooting past that too much more, but building slowly.

So what’s the Timeline to 7-figures…in my experience.

Anywhere from 14mths to 2.5yrs…

Funny isn’t it…the question becomes.

“Why does everyone else take so long…Why don’t they make it…?”

As I’ve said many times, Success is a process. It’s sticking to that process.

It’s not even a hard process.

Yet having the conviction to stick to what YOU desire, what YOU say YOU want, what YOU say YOU will do…is a completely different challenge altogether.

7-figures is just a measuring stick of your word.

Anyways…I wanted to run this by you today. So you can ponder if you’re willing to invest 14mths – 2.5yrs getting to 7-figures…

It’s not long.

You could have it.

But do you really want it.

Could you truly be your word.

Decide that first.

James Klobasa