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“James Klobasa skill-fully navigates our thinking from consumption to committed action.

His commitment to demonstrating the skills he teaches and drawing them out from his own clients as well have been poured into every page.

I challenge you not only to read every page, but to quickly and diligently put every step that resonates with you into action. 

Kevin Nations

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In “The Experts Handbook” book you’ll see:

  • The 4 Expert Character types and approaches they must take
  • The 3 Simple Growth Plans used to bank over $121M
  • The Positioning and Pricing secrets that attract big $$ sales
  • And, how the numbers could look for you…

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Here’s Just A Few Of The Key Processes You’ll Come Away With Inside Your Full Copy Of This Easily Implementable HandBook:

  • Your Kid Vision — Discover an unstoppable driving force behind your life. Until you understand the power and pleasure that comes from this one secret, you’ll never have the true motivation to grow beyond your limits. Change that Today! (Page 25)

  • The 15-Minute Tax Test — No, it’s got nothing to do with YOUR taxes, but will be the Key to one of your greatest lessons. “How to take Fridays off Forever!” (Page 33)

  • Your Ideal Client — Breaking through with your marketing, means understanding your clients at a deeper level. My highest paid Experts know this is where the rubber hits the road. Learn this quick and easy process to breakthrough. (Page 40)

  • Product Creation — Learn the simple, yet little known, 3 Stage process to creating products that not only sell, but deliver awesome results and position the next logical product without all the hard work. (Page 49)

  • Value Selling — Understand the value you offer and allow that to create natural desire. The process you’ll learn will give you the confidence to get paid more, more often. This is the backbone of 6-figure paydays in the Experts world. (Page 68)

  • Magnetic Attraction — Learn to position yourself powerfully, and create the content to back it. Create magnetic content that excites and engages your audience…without the daily heavy lifting. (Page 89)

  • The 3 Million Dollar Funnels — It’s one thing to show you a funnel, it’s another to show you 3 that I’ve personally used to grow multi-million dollar businesses for my clients. You’ll get the exact templates with instructions on how to best use them in your Expert business. (Page 114)

It’s All Ab​​​​​out Simplicity, Choice And Action!

This is NOT a book of internet marketing tactics. It’s NOT a ‘get rich quick’ guide. And it’s NOT a time-wasting collection of content…

Learn all the processes I teach my Premium Mentoring Clients.

– Simplify Ideal Client Identification
– Simplify Content Creation
– Simplify Product Creation
Simplify Lead Generation
– Simplify Offer Creation
– Simplify Your Funnels
– Simplify Promotions
– Simplify Selling
– Simplify Life…

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Hurry, This Offer Won’t Last long!

James Klobasa…

Helps Experts, Just Like You, By Simplifying Their Path To Achieving.

A sought after Mentor, author and speaker. James is the Founder and CEO of Platinum PLM, and The Experts Way brand.

James guides his clients to create balance, freedom, fulfilment and success in all areas of life – happiness, health, wealth and wisdom. His online sales and marketing strategies truly allow his clients to make more while doing less in the digital economy.

For James, it’s about turning dreams into simple actions that become reality…


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