***Important*** – this applies to you!

Okay, with video being so ’NOW’ online these days, here’s some sneaky insider guff on structuring your videos…this is super important when you’re releasing information or just plain teasing your market before your newest product launch…

There are two main sections to the prospect seduction process when making videos…

#1 – Questions you need to consider regarding emails, lists and squeeze pages. These determine the prospect path and videos you make…

#2 – The Outline of your Videos, its critical you take these items on-board and use them when making your videos.

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How often have you been emailing your list?

What sort of list are they..?

Are they from you’re target market only, or a mix from different markets you’ve collected over the years?
What types of offers have you sent them in the past?
What results have you had with these offers?
What are you trying to achieve specifically, by sending these emails?

Have you surveyed your list recently to ask what they want?
Do you have a plan for the exact timing and outline for the emails to promote your videos?

How long will your launch/promotion/sequencing run for?
How many videos will you have in place to roll out?
Will you be testing different squeeze pages or just mass mailing to one page?
Do you have killer headlines and copy for these pages?
These are all important questions to ask when you’re looking to do any video work. It’s critical you have answers before sending anything otherwise you’ll be simply wasting your own time, effort and money.
If you aren’t working ‘from knowledge’, you aren’t working effectively.

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There are two popular story-lines below, I’ve gone into the way they are structured and told…

The Reluctant Hero – where the hero/guru suddenly realizes he/she has struck upon a eureka moment, the answer to a massive problem. Then they are forced/persuaded to reveal their find to the masses, they play the shy guy/girl and then finally, reluctantly release their find…to the admiration of their adoring fans…

Loss & Redemption – where the hero/guru builds a huge business/wealth/following, making himself a prominent figure in the process then through some turn of fate, loses everything they have built/created. The hero/guru, not wanting to give in, recreates his/her empire, knowing that with the skills/resources/secret system they possess, he/she knows that it could be done, not only more quickly, but also on a bigger scale.

Your layout/story of the video you make should be told along one of the above story-lines. Within that, the video should also incorporate the following.

1. Beginning – This is where you need to align yourself with the prospect, remember, the story is not about you, its about the prospect and how what you have helps them. You may start this off something like…
“You know…I think we’re a lot alike…I started out in ……………….., and yes, I too had many trials/ successes and failures…and years ago when I began in this ………………., I had many hurdles to get over….”

Here, you would tell a little bit about your background, your successes/failures and tell it in-line with one of the above story-lines.

2. Frustrations – Okay, once you’ve given a little history, you need to talk about their frustrations, but through your own experiences. Tell them stories (pick the top 3 frustrations) that will have them understand that you are the same as them and they too can overcome these problems.

3. Dreams & Aspirations – Move into telling them how you see the future…what it means to you, your dreams for your future, reveal your dreams and want you want to achieve.

4. Solution – Reveal how you found the solutions to the above/their main frustrations, again tell it through a story.

Then reveal how you’ll be sharing the solution with them, go into some details about your system/solution/widget (be vague here, don’t give it all away, but tease them with the what, not the how, reveal maybe two juicy bits)…end with the announcement of……….

’Something’s coming, it’s close and I’ll be making another video in the next few days…if you’d like to find out more on this solution/system/whatever, type your email in the opt-in box and I’ll make sure you get it as soon as its ready……’

At this point it’s always handy to add a survey…to ask your prospects what frustrations they have, what they’d like to see in the solution, and any other comments they may have.

The link to this should be on the Thank-you page for opting in, and on the second video page.

Things to remember

* The video is not about you! It’s about them, you’re telling stories about your experiences, aligned with their frustrations, and how you have overcome them.

* Try to steer clear of ‘talking down’ the opposition/competitors when talking ‘up’ yours. When/or if you ask them to promote for you, JV’s, partners or affiliates won’t take kindly to you putting down their products. Use another angle, you need to be creative here, you’re answering frustrations, whilst not talking others down.

* Don’t rush the process…if you’re doing a launch to your own list, let it play out, listen to what the feedback is and adjust your responses to relieve their frustrations.

You may need to do multiple videos or even multiple blog posts with videos to answer questions.

As these come in, look at them and answer their frustrations…only when all frustrations have been overcome, will they be ready to take the next step…and purchase.

I hope this helps you in making your next set of launch videos…