I was reminded in yesterday’s post (The Crack Cocaine Killing Thousands) about a gift I was given by a friend, a colleague, years back. 

The gift was this…he said, “‘Our clients pay us to be at our best… to workout, to surf, to enjoy life!’.

I remember when I heard it for the first time, it sat firmly with me. It’s simple and yet kind of profound…but really, that’s what good wisdom is. Simple.

It got me thinking overnight about yesterday’s post, the current state of this industry (consulting, coaching etc) and life in general. 

And we are all so thankless…even the most thankful.

It wasn’t even 3 decades ago, none of today’s internet life existed.

People didn’t live the lives we do today.

I know because I grew up with no internet. And yet, we all bitch and moan about how ‘life’s so hard’…at some point or another. 

We whine about our kids using it, even though we do, we whinge about slow internet, slow smart phones, slow games, slow downloads, slow apps…we whinge cause we can’t ‘work it out’, that we can’t earn enough, that we got stalked, harassed, that we didn’t get enough likes…any bloody thing.

But here’s the flip-side…and I hope you can see it.

Your thanklessness is created by that same Crack Cocaine killing your business.

Your thanklessness is killing your business.

Think of it this way… If you’re so in love with the internet, why do you complain about it.

Just like the drug addict or the alcoholic, they say they love the stuff, but it’s killing them…

How is the internet really killing us…? Through thanklessness.

Now, you may say, “Oh, that’s a bit deep James…” But it’s true.

The internet is making YOU angry…whilst you’re ignoring the one thing that makes you truly happy.

Real connection.

Real business.

You think you’re connected, but the internet isn’t even a real ‘thing’.

ONE MAJOR LESSON I teach, and almost have to force upon my clients is to get away from the computer.

You must get outside…and I don’t care what your fix is, climbing, swimming, biking, hiking, sliding, skiing, whatever…

You must get away from the ‘internet’.

It’s not a real thing.

It’s a tool. Just like a hammer…and even carpenters don’t stare at their hammers as long as we stare at computers.

I say thankless, because we have forgotten the simple pleasures…and even if you say you’re a tree-hugging hippy…you’re still addicted to the Insta-hit you get when you post the photo.

There is so much more time available.

When you’re doing the RIGHT thing.

That’s what I teach.

Not hustling, not ‘do more’, not even ‘just do the work’…

You must do the RIGHT thing.

The things that allow you to go outside sooner.

The things that allow you to be more thankful for the internet.

The things that allow you to be more thankful for your life, and living it.

Because it’s true… Our clients pay us to be at our best!

They don’t pay us to whinge and whine…

They pay us to shine.

Suck it up today and smile your heart out…you deserve it.

And practise  a lot of thankfulness today, you could be living 30 years ago, when the internet didn’t exist.

We have every opportunity at our fingertips…Don’t ever forget that.

James ‘surf, play, enjoy life’ Klobasa


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p.s. Ponder the term “ethernet”…seperate it. Ether-net…the place where money appears out of nowhere and you get to catch it. Be thankful for that.