I can remember investing $10,000 for a USB stick… And trust me, it wasn’t sold like that. You may think I’m a fool for the investment, or that I got wrapped up in the sales hype…

NO. This was from a well known (at the time – he’s since disappeared) marketer. I won’t name him, but let’s just say, he looked like a cheesy asian Elvis impersonator…if you know him, you’ll get the connection, no need to out him.

The USB came with some other goodies but the whole thing was a complete hoax. It was sad to see some other big names cashing in on his sales also, as he was a speaker at their event, but like all good con-men, they don’t last long. 

There’s 3 of them in particular that I rarely see online anymore.

You could read all this and say it’s just a case of sour grapes, but I’m not actually here for that… 

I want you to see something else that’s embedded within this conversation. Something you can benefit from for yourself.

Perspective creates our reality and our results..

I don’t actually know, but maybe there was someone that truly benefited from the USB. (Cough, cough…errrm, show me them please) 

But what if there was…?

What would their perspective be on the $10K investment..?

Probably a great deal…maybe inspirational, maybe they’re one of the current 1%’ers online nowadays…

Perspective allows us to see another side to everything.

Think about your own business right now….

What’s going right with it…?

What’s going wrong with it…?

It’s only perspective you know.

I’ve seen clients go from ‘ready to give up’ to ‘excited, enthusiastic and ready to leap a tall building’ in under an hour of conversation.


A discussion about ‘Perspective”.

It effects everything in your business…and life.

If you ‘feel’…or are looking through the glasses of ‘cheated’…you’re going to produce the results of someone that’s been ‘cheated’.

Just as I did all those years back…and those results are actually worse than being cheated.

In the conversations I have with prospects, that turn into clients…it’s not about ‘motivation’…it’s about seeing the unseen.

A lot of people call it problem solving, it’s not that…it’s more dream creation.

For a person to ‘get out’ of the feeling of, ‘my business sucks…’

They require a new dream, a new reason for pushing forward, something that creates a bigger future for them…not just a Vision, but a way of living that they can see and feel themselves living.

I’ve done it dozens of times…and a lot of those discussions have created massive lives. I didn’t created the life, I simply implanted that life as an idea.

I removed the old ‘my business sucks’ life path and re-created it.

I’ve never really spoken about this before in detail, but it’s a super powerful frame to create by…

I’m wondering…

What if you could change the way you live, by simply re-creating your current perspective, in a powerful, unique and completely life-flipping manner…

What you try it…?

Would you even want to…?

I’m interested… Let me know.

James ‘dream-creator’ Klobasa



p.s. And yes, I used this same method to become a Professional Water-skier, and shift to working an average of just 77 days a year while earning multiple 6-figures… 

If you want to dive straight into a conversation, check out: https://jamesklobasa.com/antihustleacademy