Real Growth Begins With Truth, And Until You Can Be Honest
With Yourself, Nothing Will Change!

“I Was Lucky To Make $45K/year and Completely Stuck,
11 Months Later, $200K/Month Was Normal.
One Year Later, I Did My First (of now many) $1,000,000 DAYS,
And I’ve Already Booked Over $40M In Revenue For 2023!

James is… “The Mentor That Changed My Life!”
Talk To Him Today, Do Everything He Says And Enjoy The Results.”
– Joe Giglietti, Multiply Inc.

 A Quick Story…

“It feels like my mind won’t let me take the actions I know I need too… I have this stupid inner fight going on, making everything harder than I know it should be. Why can’t I just get it done?

To add to that, I’m scared as hell of failing… The guilt and shame crushes me, then my pride stops me dead. How do I get past this?”

The statements rolled from his mouth, as tears rolled from his eyes…

After 13 years, the single most powerful thing I’ve learned by guiding, advising, and mentoring business owners of all types, from start-ups to multi-millionaires, is that it’s rarely the marketing or a lack of technical ability that stops a man’s success.

But an inability to deal with the lies and emotions of everyday life, will stop you cold.

For Joe, life’s changed a lot. He went from almost homeless, to living in a towering mansion and running a thriving business in just a few years. He was willing to face his fears…

And for Joe, having a trusted advisor, a mentor, a confidante, shifted everything…and fast.

But it’s not about Joe today…

Today, it’s about you.

Since 2009, I’ve worked behind the scenes, with entrepreneurs.

Experience in Direct Response Marketing, Product Launch Management and Automated Systems has helped build over 60, seven-figure businesses, delivering literally tens of 1000’s of sales…

Each year, I work with a handful of clients on achieving their perfect day in the simplest possible way…

So, if you know more awaits you, and you’d like someone that’s ‘been there done that before’… Then let’s talk.

Everything great starts with a conversation.

James Klobasa

p.s. Like to get to know more about my background. Email me, ask me anything and I’ll send you a copy of, The Experts Handbook.

Markets I’ve Helped Build 7-8 Figure Businesses In…

Real Estate Property Sales, Real Estate Investment Coaching, Business Consulting, Online Business Coaching, Trading Software, Mediation, Healing, Personal Finance Coaching, Branding & Design Agencies, Facebook Ad Agencies, Insurance, Farming, Virtual Event Coaching, Accounting & Financial Coaching, Spiritual Coaching, Internet Marketing, Fitness Coaching, Forex Trading, Commercial Property

3 x Six-figure moves this year have transformed my business financially and doubled my income. We just keep selling more.
Matt Jones

We were losing $5k/mth when we first talked…then we hit $72,000 within 30 days. $794,000 in the first year…and $6M+ in 24mths.

Helen CK

We hit six figures in less than 24 hours. What really matters is that he knows what he’s doing. And it converts. Love it, love his work!

Jennie Brown

James is a brilliant marketer who cuts through the chaff. More money in less time is right.  One strategy I learned doubled my income in less than 30 days. He’s the real deal…

Jeremiah Desmarais

No, get rich quick BS. No crazy tech wizardry,  just a straightforward, proven roadmap to creating a business and life you love.


Barry Moore

Listen to what he says and implement it, that is when the magic happens. Record breaking month after record breaking month, more simplicity, more lifestyle, less hustle. Listen to the man and execute!

Tim Johnsson

Don’t miss this chance…Let’s Talk Today!


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